8th Feb 2007, 22:15

Mom still drives her 1990 Accordion with 240,000+ miles on it and we've changed the (automatic) transmission fluid once. Oh, and uhh... That was also one of the cars I learned to drive on and don't think I didn't give it hell! I'm 31 now. Enough said.

9th Feb 2007, 07:08

I love how people say a product sucks. Dude.. the car was 15 years old when you did a review. Things will break just from age. Forget about wear n tear. Go buy a Kia.

6th Jun 2007, 13:48

Boy, I owned a 1989 Honda Accord LX-i and Loved it! I had a few issues over time, but still ran wonderful. I ran that thing at 100 miles an hour sometimes and still got 30 miles to the gallon!! Kia or Hyundai? You must be out of your mind. Have you ever stopped to think why those cars have 100,000 mile warranty's. What's funny is when Hyundai's were made in the 80's, they were trying to keep up with Honda production. Those cars came back with missing weld points on the frame not to mention other factory production mistakes.

8th Jun 2007, 05:11

My Accord was always very good. It did 500,000 miles and I never even changed the oil on this car!

10th Jun 2007, 17:17

My Accord hit 300,000 miles and I did change the oil. Good Grief... and you know it's true that it would make 500,000 as there are more Accords with that mileage than any Ford or GM product. My car had needed belts changed, lets see, oil change, muffler, tires, um, brakes, ummm, and water pump... the last poster does not understand that Honda's can do the mileage.

12th Jun 2007, 10:03

Ya the comment about doing 500000 miles without changing the oil was brilliant, I am still laughing.. that oil must have been nasty.. anyways, hondas are the greatest cars of all.

2nd Jul 2007, 18:13

Dude you are messed up... I have driven so many of them and they were all great! I drove one with 300k on it and it drove better than my 98 f150 with only 70k on it... i am not kidding.

10th Jul 2007, 23:05

I have a 90 accord with 240km (not sure what that would be in miles) and my 17 year old car is falling to pieces! I love the car all the same. It runs. It is finicky at times and does some odd things, but it always starts! I was abandoned once or twice with it within a few weeks, until somebody suggested I check the battery posts. Once they were cleaned up, we were all good again. I currently have a some kind of fluid leak, none of my windows move from their current position and the transmission is concerning, but it has been for almost 3 years. It is an awesome piece of work that gets me where I need to go. Yes I am looking at getting a new car very soon. Yes, a hopefully Honda...

18th Jan 2009, 13:35

Honestly? KIA or Hyundai? Those are without a doubt some of the worst brands out there. Honda's are known for lasting upwards of 300,000 miles. I have never heard of those two brands lasting close to that.

I had a 1990 Honda Accord that was stuck in mud, driven over boulders, and just plain abused. Yet each morning in the below zero temperatures it would start without a problem. And it had 215,000 miles on it. Whoever told you that was obviously misinformed.

21st Jan 2009, 21:18

People shouldn't get so worked up over these types of reviews. I doubt the author of the review even owns an Accord (or any Honda for that matter) This review was likely written with the intent to ruffle some feathers, and it worked.

I personally own a 1993 Honda Accord with 175,000 miles. I'm not a Honda koolaid drinker, I'll be the first to point out their short comings (and they have a few).

Their build quality is good, but it's not the best... and it's gotten worse over time. IMO, the Euro brands have much better build quality and especially attention to detail and refinement.

Hondas (like many other Japanese brands) have thin sheet metal, some of the materials they use for the interiors are a bit chintzy (although they do age very well). I have to say that the interior of my 93 Accord (including the seat fabric) still looks fresh after 16 years. The dashboard doesn't crack, or peel (ever see the dashboard of a Kia Sephia? In most cases, the dashboard plastic is peeling/folding back from the windshield).

They also often times lack a lot of modern niceties and other nifty features that other brands offer... or they introduce features that other brands have had for a decade prior, such as theatrical interior dome lighting, lighted window switches, steering wheel audio controls (and then it took them another few years to realize that you have to light them up at night!), and the list goes on and on.

In terms of refinement, luxury, feature content, etc., the 1993 Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima were a FAR better car than my 1993 Accord.

Of the Japanese brands, Toyota has about the best engineering. Honda couldn't build a Lexus LS460, they're still trying to make Acura a top tier 1 luxury brand, something Lexus has been since its debut in 1989. Toyota's are more sophisticated than Hondas, they're quieter (Honda doesn't know what sound insulation is), they're A LOT more sophisticated, yada yada.

Case in point, it's obvious that Honda is NOT first and foremost an automobile company. So, why do I drive a Honda? Because what Honda IS, is an engine company... and man do they make one heck of a 4-cylinder engine! Some of the longest running, most reliable 4-cylinder gasoline engines on the planet. I drive a 1993 Honda Accord because even after 16 years and 175,000 miles, the engine still starts EVERY time, ALWAYS runs like a top and never misses a beat. I still take the car on long road trips without worry. The body and interior have held up well, not as good as some cars, but a lot better than most cars.

All four of my power windows still work with the original motors, AC still blows ice cold with the original AC compressor, cruise control still works, transmission still shifts good, the engine still has the majority of it's original parts from the factory (including the alternator!) Gotta love Denso parts.

To this day, the car has NEVER broken down, stalled out, not started, been on the back of a tow truck, or in the shop for anything other than routine basic maintenance. It's no diesel Mercedes or old Volvo, but definitely the next best thing (mechanically). My generator and lawn mower also have Honda engines.

So, lotsa road noise, thin sheet metal, chintzy interior bits, leaky trunk, unrefined and engineering on par with a go-kart with a roof and doors... I'm okay with that because it's got an engine that is as reliable as a wood burning stove and just won't quit. It will get me anywhere I need or want to go regardless of how far the trip, how old the car is or how many miles it has. Finally, I can still drive my 30k miles per year and not wear this old car out.

If Briggs and Stratton built cars, I'd probably buy one, too.

29th Sep 2009, 13:06

Although I definitely agree with Honda being an engine company due to their motorcycle background, they're also one heck of a standard transmission company. If you know anything about these cars, their standard transmissions are damn near bullet proof.

I have never found Honda's to have cheesy interiors, actually I feel quite the opposite. After being in countless Tempos, Cavaliers, Tauruses and virtually every other make of car over the years, always looking for a DEAL... I've always been surprised with how Hondas are after 15 years of use. Very frequently reliable servants.

Other than PGM-FI relays and some automatic transmission issues (which are avoidable buy using proper fluid and actually changing it ever year or two) I really feel Honda makes the best small cars, hands down.

Look up a 1995 Civic VX's fuel mileage, there are plenty of cars today that can't touch that thing!