1990 Honda Accord EX Four-cylinder gas from North America


Warning: Honda sucks!!


Transmission never hesitated to give us problems (after all, it's a Honda).

Rust in several places.

Interior fell apart very easily.

General Comments:

To those who know cars, Honda is known for several things: weak transmissions, cramped and flimsy interiors, lack of personality, and poor build quality. The Accord never hesitated to prove those stereotypes correct. In my book, Honda is one of the worst makes. Period. Don't waste time with this overpriced garbage. A Kia or Hyundai offers better build quality, more features, a better warranty, and a better price than any Honda ever has.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2005

25th May 2006, 22:18

Honda rules, but maybe it is because I come from a Honda family. Mom: 1970 Civic, 1985 Prelude, and 1997 Civic, which still runs beautifully. Dad: many domestics bombing out at 4 yrs or less until a Honda Pilot, brand new. Has yet to see a shop. We don't change cars until we put about 200,000 miles on them. I myself own a 1990 Accord and put roughly 45000 on it, annually. Yes, I really do drive THAT much (beach, mtns, downtown, etc.). I have blasted through more mud and dirt than any H2 or majority of Fords and Chevys, and with the exception of replaced CVs, have yet to have any visits to a shop as well. Maybe you just got a bad CIVIC??? (Accord page dude). Oh! Here's an idea, next time write up a review how much your 1984 Toyota keeps falling apart. They'd love that.

1990 Honda Accord 2.0 from UK and Ireland


This car was not what I expected from Honda,


My speedometer sender broke cost £55 to fix.

Rust has eaten away part of the windscreen frame and rear arches.

Tappets need seeing to.

General Comments:

This car is seriously slow, it makes my diesel look fast.

Steering has no feel to it.

Drinks fuel.

Parts are quite hard to get.

However the inside is quite up to date and no sign of wear, no brake downs yet.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2005

6th Jun 2007, 13:54

Are you sure you didn't own a Hyundai? Probably where you live it must be hard to buy parts. Here in America its very easy to find Honda parts. Drinks gas? Well, as expensive as gas is where you live, I would be upset every time I had to fill up ($5.00 a gallon)!

1990 Honda Accord EX 2.2L SOHC from North America


Best Honda I have owned so far!!


Slave cylinder had to be replaced twice.

Heater knob replaced twice.

Speed sensor is currently out.

Drivers door would not open, had to buy a new door latch.

Trunk leaks when opened.

Besides all of these things going wrong i'm still happy with my Honda. I'm 24 and since I got my first car at 16 I have only owned Honda's!!!

General Comments:

This car has been so good to me, i'm very impressed with the performance. I'm now even more impressed after installing Header, Intake, full exhaust with a high flow cat, Brembo cross drilled rotors, H and R lowering springs, and much more.

This car is the only Honda I have owned for more than 2 years and I highly recommend it. It is a great car to make into a sleeper or just to cruise the freeway in.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2005

1990 Honda Accord LX from North America


Awesome Ride


The CV joints needed to be replace in 2001, along with alternator and clutch. Nothing has gone wrong since then. Usual wear and tear, changed the muffler, still in need of a new catalytic converter. Lighter never worked since I've had the car. Cassette player works when it wants, radio works great though.

General Comments:

The car is wonderful. Runs great, too bad the body isn't as reliable. Some of the paint is orange peeling and there is minor to major rust in some spots. other than that, the car is wonderful.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2004

27th Nov 2005, 02:46

That's a bit high for a 90 Accord, they don't even Redbook for that much. 2 months ago, I bought a 92 5 speed Accord LX for $1100 Canadian with 329000 kms, licensed and inspected til April '06. The one you're looking at sounds to me like the asking price is about twice what it's really worth. Did you happen to see this at a used car dealer perhaps? I'd say the car is worth $1500 tops, and even that might be a bit high, especially with rusty quarter panels and lines in the windshield, which I take to mean cracks. How rusty are those quarter panels? If there isn't much rust, you may just be able to grind away what you see, spray it with primer then paint over it. A windshield from a junkyard would probably run you $100 bucks or more, and installation would probably also cost around $100. An alignment would be about $50, not counting any parts you would have to replace. So right away, you can see it'll probably need $300-400 dollars of work or more, and that's assuming you don't find anything else broken. If you still have your heart set on this car, go back to the person selling it, point out it's problems and be sure to mention repair costs, then ask him the lowest amount he would accept for the car. If he/she won't go any lower than $1800 or so, be prepared to walk away, and do so if necessary. There's bound to be other Accord in better shape for less money. Shoot me an email sometime jason.bright@gmail.com