1990 Honda Accord LX 2.2 from North America


24 years later I am still depending on my 1990 Accord every day!


Distributor was replaced at around 80,000 miles with an updated and more reliable part in 1996. Never caused a break down; Honda sent me a letter.

Original Honda battery finally gave up the ghost in 1997 at 95,000 miles. One of the longest lasting batteries I have ever had.

Exhaust mid pipe replaced, muffler, timing belt and tune-up done in 1998 at 100,000 miles.

New radiator in 2000 at 130,000 miles.

New thermal B switch in 2001 with 140,000 miles (fans were staying on after the car was turned off).

Both CV axles replaced in 2001, also with about 145,000 miles.

Replacement battery dead in 2001 as well, after only 4 years.

Motor mounts shot in 2001 (2001 was a bad year) between 145-150,000 miles.

Converted AC to R134a and replaced compressor in 2002 with about 160,000 miles.

Trunk leak fixed (new driver's side tail light) in 2003 with 170,000 miles.

New suspension in 2005 with the turn of 200,000 miles.

Another timing belt job, tune-up, fresh paint job (clear coat was fading badly), valve cover gasket, spark plug seals and all new suspension parts in 2005 to celebrate 15 years and 200,000 miles.

Oil pan gasket sprung a minor leak a little later in 2005 at about 205,000 miles.

Replacement radiator started leaking in same area as the original (upper tank) in 2008 with about 240,000 miles.

Replacement exhaust mid pipe and muffler were due for a second replacement in 2008 between 240-245,000 miles. This time, the exhaust manifold gasket in the engine was also leaking and fixed.

Original starter gave out in 2009 at 250,000 miles.

Alternator regulator and brushes said no more later in 2009 at around 255,000 miles.

Wheel bearings were toast at 270,000 miles in 2010.

Power antenna mast broke in 2011. Motor still works.

Windshield washer fluid reservoir cracked open and was replaced in 2012 with 290,000 miles.

Just completed the third timing belt job and tune-up (which includes new hoses, belts and fluids) this year at 300,000 miles.

Vehicle is still running in 2013 with 308,000 miles needing another set of CV axles, an oil leak somewhere, bad front motor mount and the "S" light is staying on (even with the sport mode button turned "off"). I do plan to get these things fixed and continue driving this car.

I believe I may have also replaced a speed sensor at some point in the car's life, and of course the usuals like tires, brake pads, etc.

General Comments:

Have owned this car 24 years. It was my first car bought brand new in 1989 when the new models first came off the trucks.

The car has never broken down on me in 24 years and 300,000+ miles. No major work has ever been done to the engine or transmission, and both are still original and in great working order (pending on the "S" light staying on in regards to the transmission). The engine starts up the same as it always has, and it has no detectable amount of oil usage between 3,000 mile oil change intervals.

Cruise control, power windows, original radio, interior buttons and other vehicle features are all original and still working.

I cannot believe how reliable and long lasting this car has been... I definitely feel like I've gotten my moneys worth. I do not know how much longer it will go without major work... but I will keep driving it until it does. I have taken this car on long road trips occasionally, and I would still not hesitate to go anywhere in it now.

The interior feels very durable and shows very little wear. The seats are a little firm and I miss having the arm rest that was available in the higher trim levels... but I feel relatively comfortable otherwise.

The car is powerful enough for everything I use it for. I have never raced the engine.

The handling is by far the best attribute of the car... I fell in love with the tight steering and low cowl design during the test drive.

Another thing that sold me on this car all those years ago was the new body design... the car looked much more expensive than the window sticker suggested. It reminded me of the Lexus and other luxury makes during that era. I still remember when the salesman drove the car around for me after it was detailed and I thought to myself "what a beautiful car!!" 24 years later I still get the same vibe from it... especially compared to the alien-like "bubble" cars of today.

In closing, it is 2013 and I am STILL driving the same little white 1990 Accord LX coupe that I bought at the tender age of just 19 (with the co-signing help of mom and dad). It taught me how to be an experienced driver, it got me through school, has taken me to work every morning, brought me to various destinations around the country on vacation and everything in between.

At the rate it is going, I may just still have it 20 years from now... (as long as there is still gasoline to put in it!).

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Review Date: 12th July, 2013

14th Jul 2013, 21:24

As the old saying goes; they don't build them like this any more.

15th Jul 2013, 20:49

And that is another reason I soldier on with the 90... They are certainly the last of a breed.

25th Jul 2013, 01:54

You got your moneys worth, and are obviously smart with money. How many 19 year olds in this, or even that day and age, buy and pay off a car? Not unless parents buy it for them (not just co sign).

That said, you should've saved up some money through the years. Treat yourself to a new Honda. You'll have all the latest safety features (does that thing even have airbags or ABS?) and buying only 2 cars in 50 years will put you WAY financially ahead of the average American (all that interest and depreciation are where all the banks and Wall Street get the suckers, er, consumers).

Be proud of yourself. Best of luck.

1990 Honda Accord EX 2.2L 4 cylinder from North America


The best car I ever owned


Normal maintenance only.

General Comments:

Purchased this car for a thousand dollars in 2005, and it has never let me down. Sure got my money's worth.

Never had any problems with it, except for normal wear and tear.

It's getting rusty now, mostly around the wheel wells, so have to decide whether to do some body work or say goodbye to my old faithful. She still has tons of life left in the engine and transmission. Engine light has never come on.

Always starts in the coldest weather, still fairly good on gas, seats fold down, so lots of room for me to load my bicycle. Interior is still looking good.

There are lots of them on the road still, so I say that's a testament to its reliability and classic looks. Love my old Honda!

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Review Date: 20th March, 2011

22nd Mar 2011, 13:43


I own a 1995 Accord with 400,000km and a 1992 Accord with 320,000km, and I strongly encourage you to fix your rust. I've done so in both of my cars since the winter has done its share of damage (I live in Edmonton, AB with lots of salt and sand). I spent about $1500 for each car to do this, and just like you, have not put any more money into them apart from regular maintenance. Your car will easily reach 500,000km, so why not do it with the body looking good, right?


2nd Apr 2011, 09:22

Hi there.

Thanks for your advice. I may take you up on it, because my Honda works wonderfully. She's solid as a rock besides the rusty bits. I know what I have, and I hate to get rid of a vehicle that treats me so well, then turn around and buy someones else's problems, or buy new and pay a lot for modern looking plastic that probably won't last any longer than my old Honda has lasted so far. I got six years out of a thousand dollar vehicle. I think that's pretty darn impressive. Yep, body work is starting to sound really good. Cheers to you too!