1990 Honda Accord EX 2.2L 4 cylinder from North America


The best car I ever owned


Normal maintenance only.

General Comments:

Purchased this car for a thousand dollars in 2005, and it has never let me down. Sure got my money's worth.

Never had any problems with it, except for normal wear and tear.

It's getting rusty now, mostly around the wheel wells, so have to decide whether to do some body work or say goodbye to my old faithful. She still has tons of life left in the engine and transmission. Engine light has never come on.

Always starts in the coldest weather, still fairly good on gas, seats fold down, so lots of room for me to load my bicycle. Interior is still looking good.

There are lots of them on the road still, so I say that's a testament to its reliability and classic looks. Love my old Honda!

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Review Date: 20th March, 2011

22nd Mar 2011, 13:43


I own a 1995 Accord with 400,000km and a 1992 Accord with 320,000km, and I strongly encourage you to fix your rust. I've done so in both of my cars since the winter has done its share of damage (I live in Edmonton, AB with lots of salt and sand). I spent about $1500 for each car to do this, and just like you, have not put any more money into them apart from regular maintenance. Your car will easily reach 500,000km, so why not do it with the body looking good, right?


2nd Apr 2011, 09:22

Hi there.

Thanks for your advice. I may take you up on it, because my Honda works wonderfully. She's solid as a rock besides the rusty bits. I know what I have, and I hate to get rid of a vehicle that treats me so well, then turn around and buy someones else's problems, or buy new and pay a lot for modern looking plastic that probably won't last any longer than my old Honda has lasted so far. I got six years out of a thousand dollar vehicle. I think that's pretty darn impressive. Yep, body work is starting to sound really good. Cheers to you too!

1990 Honda Accord EXL-i 2.0 F20A from North America


Cheap, reliable car


Expensive upper ball joint (Mugen part).

Power steering leaking a little (not fixed yet).

General Comments:

Very solid & reliable car, decent acceleration, good fuel consumption.

Bought the car from an import dealer in Canada, who used it as their personal vehicle, took good care of it (regular services).

Interior condition excellent, has a few scuffs on the bumpers, but mechanically sound.

Had the car for 12 months now, spent $700-800 in repairs and services.

The trunk has leak somewhere (weird).

Overall, a very good car.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2010

1990 Honda Accord EXR from North America


I love my Honda




General Comments:

My 1990 Honda Accord EXR has been the most incredible car. I would never part with this gem.

All the service records from when my late husband first bought it in December 1989 until the present, I keep in a file.

Honda cars, especially for a woman, are so dependable. Reliability in a car is so important, for women who, like myself, have little aptitude for mechanics. The Service Manager at my Honda dealership never recommended service work that wasn’t warranted.

When I moved away from the city where my car was bought and had to go to another Honda dealership for a repair, they said that I needed extra work done. Feeling a little skeptical about this, I called my hometown Honda dealership and asked if the said repairs were warranted. He replied that these repairs had already been made. It is so good to be able to trust.

One day I thought that I might buy a new one Honda, but “I love my Honda”. It has given no trouble other than the normal things that happen to a vehicle. So why do I need a new one? The car looks new, especially when washed. Throughout the twenty years I have driven my car, any rust spots have been repaired by my favourite auto body man. The car has been Oil Garded every year and the staff there told me the car is in better shape than newer models, and they never drill holes. How good is that!

A few years ago when I pulled into a parking lot, a man followed me in to the lot and asked me if I would be willing to sell my car. He said he was looking for a 1990 Honda like mine and commented that it was in such good shape. I was very proud that I had taken good care of my vehicle.

Last year while washing my car in the driveway, a man stopped his vehicle at the end of my driveway and again a comment was made “is your car ever in good shape”. Another proud moment!

My car has just turned over 283,283 km and will probably make it to 400,000 km as many Hondas do. The car seat upholstery is still in excellent colour and shape.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2010