1st Feb 2006, 09:43

It's been said twice already, but I don't think it can be overstated... Don't switch to VW if it is reliability and a lower total cost of ownership you want. They are fun cars to drive and have some great models. Simply do your homework on reliability by brand and see what conclusion you reach. VW is known for many things but reliability has never been one of them. This holds true for nearly every European made vehicle. J.D. Powers has some good reliable info along these lines.

I also owned 2 1993 Honda Accord EXs and they were great. Absolutely no problems. When buying a used car you would do well to consider a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle or a good bumper-to-bumper warranty. I am about to purchase a vehicle this week. I have done a great deal of shopping and review reading and finally decided to buy from CarMax. Depending on the model their prices are more or less competitive, but they back their cars up in writing and the way they do it seems to be unique in the used car industry.

I can appreciate your frustration, but remember that your current experience is a bit unusual for a Honda.

By the way... as a brand Toyota has the highest reliability ratings in the world and has for many years.

All the best to you.

11th Mar 2006, 08:36

I just bought a used '00 Accord EX V6 Sedan yesterday and I'm loving it so far. I also have a '90 Accord EX with 120K miles on it and I have NO problems with it at all! My '90 Accord has rusts spots aka 'cancer spots' right above the back wheel weld and it's spreading. The exterior looks awful, but the car still runs great after 16 years. I planned on donating the car, but I've changed my mind. The '00 Accord is dent & ding free so I'll only be using that car for special trips. It hurts to see your car all bruised up in NYC because of parallel parking.

I thought about getting a VW GTI/Jetta prior to getting the '00 Accord. I read somewhere that VW's 'have a reliability record that warns CAUTION'.

My friend has an '88 Accord with 250K miles and still running. My boyfriend has a '00 Accord with 200K miles without any problems. Hondas are truly great cars!

11th Mar 2006, 14:17

I own a 2000 Honda Accord and have heard a growling noise when I drive for a couple of years. I had the tires replaced and was told by the tire center to take it & have the wheel bearings checked so I did. The service guy that rode with me said he could not hear anything. I felt really stupid! Now, a couple of years later, the noise is horrible & really loud, moreso when I turn my wheel. I'm positive it is the wheel bearing now. I plan to take it for service this week & have another service person check it out. I had a Honda Civic before & never had problems. I have not had any major problems with my Accord, but you can't hear the radio over the noise, unless you blare it. I hate to hear that others are having similar problems.

6th Dec 2006, 06:04

I bought Honda 2000 new.

Up-to 95000 thousand there were no problems other than wear and tear. After 95000 I had this gradual growling sound that got worse.

I received extended warranty letter from Honda (Up-to 100000) and ignored it because a mechanic told me it is probably wheel bearing. The growl got worse and worse.

At 104000 I replaced the bearing. The growl certainly decreased, but is still there. Now I am worried it may be a torque converter hence transmission. Transmission warranty is gone. Any one any suggestions?

28th Dec 2007, 15:33

I have a similar noise in my honda accord lx with std transmission... the noise changes with vehicle speed and is still there if I turn off the motor... I hope it is the wheel bearings even though I had the front end aligned and had the bearings checked with a report that all is well... the noise does not change when I steer left or right only increased vehicle speed causes the growl to get louder.. at about 80 the noise seems less than the wind and tire noise, but it worries me.

4th Jan 2008, 19:50

99-01 Accords are notorious for transmission failure-and once it fails-you're pretty much screwed.

19th May 2008, 23:38

FYI, my 2000 Honda Accord EX has 254000 miles and counting. Mine had a tranny recall & all I had to pay was the labor which wasn't pretty but haven't had any issues. Just stuff that needed replacing. Like the radiator cap which caused the car to overheat last summer which led to replacing the radiator. & now I'm looking to replace the gas filter because it is running rough.

Good luck with yours. I love mine.

4th Jul 2008, 13:32

I purchase the 2000 Honda Accord (auto transmission 4 cylinder) new in 1999. It has been very good with little to no problems. Two days ago I stopped on a slight downhill incline and tried to back up. It just stayed still. I pulled up further to level ground and it backed up just fine. It even went up the hill I had just stopped on. I tried the same thing several time that day. I then took it to my mechanic and he said I needed to take it to a transmission shop. They drove it and could not find any problems, so I had to take them out and show them what I had found. They then said it was the torque converter. They then wanted to completely overhaul the transmission. They said that because it is so much of a problem just getting to the transmission it was best to completely overhaul the transmission. I was given an estimate of $2000 to $3000 and a 50,000 mile warranty. Does this all sound right to you? The car has about 110,000 miles on it right now.

4th Aug 2008, 22:23

My best-friend owns a 2000 Honda Accord V6 and for about 6 months or so we have heard that same distinctive growling noise. I know a good bit about cars, but she doesn't. She had her dad take it and have someone look at it. They said she might need new tires. SO they put new tires on it and she drove across several states and surprisingly broke down.

End result... timing belt. It made the loud growling noise only once up to about 45 mph+. After she pulled over because the noise was so bad she was unable to start the car.

She's not sure exactly what happened- but in-fact it was something to do with the timing belt AND it cost $1500 to fix. AND I'm still trying to figure out if it broke or if the tensioner pulley came loose.

I had the same thing happen to my 95 Toyota Camry. Thank GOD it's a non-interference motor and nothing decided to destroy things it wasn't supposed to touch. :D

The only down-side to Honda. Interference motors. google it if you haven't a slightest clue what I'm talking about.

17th Nov 2008, 20:36

Would appreciate any advice! I have a 2000 Honda Accord, have owned it since new, only 50,000 miles. Tonight, I started it after work, drove to the edge of the parking lot and stopped, when I pressed gas to go it would not budge. Towed to dealer who says it needs a new transmission. A week earlier I had it in for regular maintenance at the dealer and had them change the transmission fluid, and there were no problems reported then. Dealer says problem is not related to that... there is a "code" in transmission that means transmission has to be replaced. Does anyone know if the transmission fluid service 13 days prior could have caused this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, ecowrites@hotmail.com.

20th Mar 2010, 07:46

My Honda 2000 V6 makes growling noises on acceleration, and it goes too high at 70 m/hr. Also making a turn or even while parked, but turning the wheel to either side makes noises, and I am told I have a front balljoint problem, and both rear wheel bearings need to be replaced, and the total cost is 600 bucks!

21st Jul 2011, 15:27

I also have a Honda Accord 2000, with a high pitched noise. I took it three times to the dealer to have it checked out. They could not diagnose it. They gave me a bunch of bull! I then took it to a transmission specialist, who diagnosed it when I drove into their yard. Wheel bearings gone. Had both replaced, along with the hubs, brakes, tie rods. Now, I am going back, because one bearing is bad again, only a year later. The bearing is under warranty by the bearing manufacturer. So, only will be paying for labor $120. I think driving with bad bearings causes other problems, so I will get mine fixed right away now.