28th May 2008, 04:46

Great reviews, thanks for the many updates at regular intervals. As a prospective buyer of this car I found it very useful, especially to know what it could be like at high mileage.

31st May 2008, 05:45

Just want to echo previous comment. Thank you so much for such detailed review, very helpful indeed!

8th Jun 2008, 14:34

Glad to see that my updates were of some value to you, thanks the kind words.

Had to get new tyres on the front last weekend, at about 65k, sticking with the Michelin brand as they seem to offer the best compromise between ride quality, handling, braking, and longevity. It's interesting how the car starts to tramline when the tread depth gets anywhere near 2mm, but it does serve as a useful reminder to get into Kwik-Fit for a check. Other than that, it's been an uneventful few months, just pounding the motorways and racking up the miles - incidentally, I've taken to using the premium Shell diesel fuel since it's only a few pennies extra, and it makes a real difference - worth a try if you can claim back you fuel costs :-)

7th Sep 2008, 03:38

71000 miles up now... just got the car through its MoT and squeezed an early service out of the leasing company because as of Monday this Honda will become my legal property. I've decided to buy it for various reasons, the low sale price being one, but also because of the potential savings to be made by not having to pay company car tax anymore.

However, I'm wondering if I'm going to live to regret this decision; over the past couple of days I've noticed an intermittent problem engaging 1st and 3rd gears - it's just the usual rifle-bolt mechanism isn't working quite as well as it used to. I've got to get the car into the dealer for a new front fog light during the week (£170!), so I'll have them check the gearbox too. I have read elsewhere that although rare, this particular car has been known to suffer problems with the manual 'box. I wonder if this is due to the extra torque from the diesel engine? I'll add an update as and when.

29th Jul 2009, 04:51

Well, 100,000 miles now showing on the odo!! I've had a manic few months, and racked up nearly 25k since October in my own car and can honestly say that I don't regret buying it at all. There's been some outlay for servicing, tyres, brakes and a couple of track-rod ends, but otherwise it's been perfect. Everything still works, nothing has fallen off, starts first time every time... what more could I ask? MoT due next month so I could change my mind then, but I've had my local Honda dealer keep an eye on everything and I don't expect any problems.

Here's to the next 100k then :-)

2nd Nov 2010, 18:02

130k rolled round this morning, still going strong. Recently fitted Michelin Sport 3 tyres, but 91W rather than the 94's that were on before - stunning to drive now, so smooth and quiet, great grip, loving it.

Had to get the alternator reconditioned last month, otherwise nothing has failed or broken.

Service is due, Honda want all the money, I'm not sure whether to pay for an independent garage from now on.

Alloys looking shabby now, every panel has a dink or dent, and the leather on the front seats is starting to crack up, no amount of leather feed is going to stop that unfortunately.

But, turn-key reliable, can't ask for more.

8th Dec 2010, 17:23

My lovely Honda has been written off, thanks to another driver who rear-ended me on the A31 near Southampton, LG54 has gone to meet its maker.

Sad day, but the insurance company valued it at £3900, but the repairs were estimated at £4700.

Great car, will be missed.

Now looking for another!

10th Nov 2011, 10:25

And I bought one! This is a red one, with Epsilon 17 inch alloys, another 54 plate, but only had 38k on it when I acquired it back in December 2010. Now showing 54k miles.

So, issues then:

As with the last car, the track rod ends had perished, replaced by Honda for £220.

This one smokes like a chimney first thing in the morning, big cloud of white smoke followed by a puff of blue. Hoping for not too serious a problem, but initial quotes for about a grand to take the head off are a bit daunting. Passed recent MOT with no emissions issues, Honda mechanic wasn't too bothered when I mentioned it.

Alloys are shabby, £50 each to refurb, might do it after the winter.

Decided against using Michelin's in the future - my local dealer are offering 17" 91w rated tyres for £52 FITTED! Even if they only last half as long, they're nearly £80 cheaper EACH than the Frenchies.

Leather seats are cracking and chipping on this car too; obviously not the highest quality of cow-hide was being used in 2004.

Had it serviced by Honda last week, expensive but I think worth it considering how I rely on my car for my job. Take your own oil in for a £70 discount (cost me £25 at a local motor factors for the same grade fully synth).

Using Sainsbury's diesel in this one; Shell fuel didn't have the same impact as on the previous car - this one goes about 50 miles a tank further than the last car, so I'm happy.

No other problems at this time, I'll update as and when.