2004 Honda Accord LX Sedan 2.4 from North America


The best careless beater


Radio works half the time.

Power locks and window glitch.

Engine and ABS light on.

Due for shocks soon.

Flimsy Honda key broke in 2.

General Comments:

Bought this one owner 2004 Accord LX-G from a lady who kept it clean and had it since day one. I took it on as a project for next to scrap price, and like how most projects go... life happened... I got too busy for it. However it's already paid for itself.

The minor interior glitches with the radio and locks are annoying but tolerable.

I like its size and driving dynamics. The 2.4L is just enough motor for this size of car and I'm impressed.

The car has never left me stranded and is capable of 700 km from a full tank.

Drives nicely down the Trans Canada and I feel it has been the perfect half finished project. And being a 7th gen Accord, it has "mature adult's" appeal.

I like that the car already came with minor scratches and dents so I'm not bothered to park in busy mall parking lots.

It's been easy to own and live with. I've seen most of Canada's east coast with it and it never let me down. Best 400$ spent ever.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2019

18th Aug 2019, 19:22

Glad to hear of your positive experience!

I owned a similar Accord for six years and 80k miles, and know well three others with the same car. The 2.4 is absolutely bulletproof, as is most of the rest of the car. The manual transmission feels just right, and really elevates the car to something better than an economy sedan should be. Easy to work on, but doesn’t need much — mine required little more than wear items.

Weak spots are thin paint that scratches from a fingernail, under-specced brakes, and the damn key! My fob battery died, and the key warped enough to stop conforming to the door lock. I had a comically unfortunate afternoon, pulling fuses and irritating neighbors, while bypassing the alarm and getting to the shop! I feel your pain!

Otherwise, these are great commuters. Enjoy your ownership, and thanks for sharing!

21st Aug 2019, 11:47

Take your title with VIN in your name and get a new key and fob at the local Honda dealer. Even if you have to tow the car there. We did go through 12V batteries and brakes pretty often. The air conditioning needed service at times. We bought V6 with manual trans Accords EX and a 4 cylinder Civic EX. I buy bulk fob batteries (6 plus new batteries) in a package off Amazon. Actually punch a small hole in a small square of cardboard and hang a new fob battery on the key chain. In fact I have done that with all our newer cars with fobs. Always have a fresh fob battery to insert if needed.

25th Aug 2019, 01:10

Oh wow, thanks for the input! That would have saved me a lot of hassle, had I known. I traded in my Accord a while ago, but am driving a Fit now. I should be able to prevent future headaches with that information.

Thank you!

25th Aug 2019, 15:33

Oh wow, you must use your key fobs a lot to have to carry spare batteries around all the time. I still have the original batteries in both fobs for my 2015 Accord and have never needed replacement.

2004 Honda Accord LX-E 3.0L from North America


It has been OK and served the basic purpose of transportation


The A/C control module / circuit board has had to be replaced at a cost of over 1,500.00. It is failing again, as the driver's side vents will blow heat at the same time the passenger side is blowing A/C, when the system is set to A/C and the same temp for both.

The struts have had to be replaced a couple of times, although probably to be expected with this many miles.

The cruise control buttons stopped working; the button to turn cruise on and off would not stay depressed. A toothpick has taken care of that - keeping it pushed into the "on" position so cruise can be enabled or disabled.

The chrome knob on the shifter has broken off and has to be taped into place, so the car can be put into park.

The main issue is that the navigation system has failed completely. This is apparently a relatively common failure and it will cost in excess of 400.00 to repair. In addition to the navigation system, almost all of the comfort controls on the car are managed through this module. We cannot set the clock, and cannot change the heat/AC modes for vent or fan speed. We have lost the ability to use preset radio stations or change the speaker balance.

General Comments:

It has been durable other than the items that failed. It gets us where we need to go, although we will not rely on it for long trips any longer.

Comfort is a C+, and not really comfortable for long trips.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2015