2004 Honda Accord EX V-6 3.0L 24-Valve SOHC VTEC from North America


The 2004 Honda Accord EX V-6 is a well-tamed beast.


My wife and I purchased this car in Denver and drove it to Chicago via scenic I-90. The car is as bland going through Northern Colorada, Wyoming, and South Dakota as any other, but when Milwaukee and Northern Chicagoland traffice kicked in--wheee!

General Comments:

Well, like the example in the general comments: "This car is seriously quick and handles like it's on rails." The tires are a bit narrow for this kind of driving, but with the Traction Control System (TCS), it can still handle a quick corner at 40 MPH.

With exception of the glove box, which flips open easily when triggered, the console, the head rests, moon roof sliding ceiling, and the back seat fold-down functions are tight, finger-popping, nail-bending ordeals.

The best feature has to be the "set it and forget it" automatic climate control. Number two would be the placement of the radio and cruise control function on the steering wheel. And number three would be the all-around styling inside and out. I have the white exterior with tan interior trim. Out on the western prairie, this car got many looks juxtaposed with against Silverados and F150s. Back in civilization, it's just another Honda on the road.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2004

23rd Jan 2005, 12:00

Did you guys drove that long distance right after you purchased the car? I hope you realize that the initial 1,000 miles is the motor break-in period. Long, constant speed driving should be avoided, and you should absolutely not take the car over 65mph. Motor break-in is critical to a trouble free, high mileage vehicle later in life.

2004 Honda Accord Euro Luxury 2.4 from Australia and New Zealand


Great value and performance for the money



General Comments:

This is a fantastic sports sedan. The suspension is definitely on the firm side (which I like) and allows you to really throw the car around, however there is a bit of bouncing on Australia's poor roads at times.

The engine is a real goer, but prefers to have a few revs on the board to give its best. I bought the auto, however I'm wishing I had the manual to go with the revvy engine. The interior is very classy and has a really cool dashboard and functional layout. I drive 90% in traffic, and have got about 10-14 litres/100km which is slightly above what I expected. Then again, on the highway it will drop below 10L/100kms. Overall I love this car and my only gripe is that the Australian version gets 16 inch wheels and not the 17's. Otherwise just go and sing a cheque, you won't be disapointed!

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Review Date: 26th April, 2004

9th Mar 2005, 05:58

Well, you're lucky! My 2004 Accord Euro is full of rattles. The first one started a few hundred meters from the dealership! The windscreen/dash creaks and cracks despite the windshield having been replaced. The doors rattle. The dash rattles. The overhead light/sunglass holder rattles. Despite 10 days in the shop and a year down the track I'm no closer to a solution. I'm extremely disappointed, especially since I paid a premium for "quality". So much for their ad campaign that says "isn't it nice when some things just work".

23rd Jan 2013, 18:15

This is really unusual. I have owned 4 Honda's in the last 25 years, none of which rattled at all.

My last car was a 94 Honda Accord 2.2 EXi with 178,000km, and it was silent on the road. Oh hang on, I did have a steering rack that needed replacement, and it would rattle over bumps (replaced after 3 years of the same rattle). Other than that, nothing.

My mate had a Toyota Corona; same age, same mileage, and my god that thing is like a puzzle of never ending mysterious noises?

I'm sorry to hear your Euro is so rattly. Sell it and try again. What you got is very, very uncommon for a Honda, let alone an Accord Euro.