15th Oct 2005, 12:30

Turbo model? Is Honda going to turbocharge it's Euro Accord to compete with the Mazda6 Turbo?

16th Nov 2005, 19:38

My previous car was Honda Accord EXI 1994, base model without any luxury features like electric seat, rain sensor etc. Nearly 2 months ago I made a sudden decision and bought a Euro luxury. Since then I have been having the same feeling. It's worth paying for every single cent. Most of the time, I thought that this car was built by reading my mind and specifically designed for me. In terms of power, I don't you need more in Australian road conditions. In terms of luxury you have got everything you might want to have. Night illumination is remarkable. Sound system sounds like 2-3K systems. At the end of the day it's an accord. No word to say!!!

13th Dec 2005, 02:56

I haven't noticed the glove box light, but will check! No-one sits in the back of mine!

After writing my report I can't add anything to the car performance, still love it. Still like the look of it on the road and when I see others.

However, I have only had one bad thing happen! The dealer who services it dented it and didn't tell me, I found it and was furious!!! They fixed it free of charge, but it was a pain.

On the turbo front. When I went to Canada they have the Japanese version called an Acura... look at their site and see what we don't get. Believe me I wish we did!!

Happy Honda -ing :-)

14th Feb 2006, 01:14

Just bought Honda Accord Euro Luxury. Fantastic car indeed, very high class vehicle. I was also looking at the Mazda6 and Subaru and can I tell anyone out there who is thinking of buying one- think twice. The Accord Euro is a much higher classed vehicle and ultimately a better car in every way, shape and form. If you're worried about the expense I can tell you this much; go the extra couple of thousand, you will never look back. A car is an investment- make it last. Before you even look at either of these cars- test drive the Honda Accord Euro- you will be sorry if you don't.

5th Dec 2010, 01:24

The Honda Accord Luxury is fantastic! Mine runs on 17 inch wheel, & tell you something, it is worth every cent indeed. The suspension makes me feel like I am exactly in my Mercedes Benz. "2.4 DOHC DOUBLE EXHAUST? Guys get a good driver & feel the machine..."

23rd Jan 2013, 17:54

I have also just brought a second hand Accord Euro Luxury 2005 2.4 VTEC with 100k on the clock. There are no squeaks or rattles; it sounds and drives like a brand new car. For Australian roads, the 2.4 VTEC power is terrific, this car gets up and flies, with the added bonus of the comfort of a luxury vehicle. It's silent inside, and the European ride is firm and sure footed. They cost a lot more second hand than other cars of the same age, but, and here's the difference, the quality of build is second to none.