16th Jul 2004, 04:29

I have owned a 1985 Honda 150 and although I have purchased 2 new Honda's since I still cannot sell the old one. The car has been very reliable and currently has well over 800 000 km on the clock.

If maintenance is kept up this car should last a very long time. I have removed my dashboard many times to add aftermarket extras to the car and have had no problems with rattles, as I always insulated the mounting surfaces with sponge or prestik. I even fitted a new dash as I changed the interior and wanted a black dash as apposed to the brown and still no rattles.

A wonderful car to own.

8th Nov 2005, 10:54

I beg to differ. My Honda is a 1984 model with 244000km on the clock. It gives me a suprisingly 700km on a tank. Air conditioner still works fine and just a few rattles at the dasboard. Very pleased with my Honda.

17th Feb 2006, 10:29

Hey how do you wait 190000km for your timing to snap... i currently have 1991 that has 260000 and have changed the belt twice. Probably you must be the type that runs the car to the ground.

12th Aug 2006, 15:54

I am the owner of a 1994 Ballade Luxline. I agree wholeheartedly with the comments about the timing belt. My Honda now has covered 275,000km and I just had the (original) gearbox bearing replaced.

While the engine and gearbox were split, I had a new clutch fitted. The old clutch was also the original manufacturers part. The car uses absolutely NO oil, even at this extended stage in its life.

Yes, it has had a rattle inside the dashboard, which was fixed in 30mins at no cost (a couple or inches of insulation tape to bind a loose wire that was touching the glove-box bucket)

Everything on this car works as the manufacturer intended. The only repairs have been i) a distributor shaft at 230,000km, ii) new timing belts at each 75,000 service and iii) the gearbox bearing and clutch.

Exceptional performance for a limousine, masquerading as a small family saloon. Bravo Honda!

13th Sep 2006, 03:25

I am the Proud owner of a 1993 luxline with 293 000km on the clock. I have replaced the water pump at 145 000km and have not had a problem since, except for the odd rattle or two. I can only see many more happy Honda days to come.

19th Feb 2007, 03:57

Understandably enough, my 1994 Honda Ballade has accumulated a whopping 225,000 kms, but still delivers a powerful punch after 3000 revs though it's a bit sluggish on the 2nd gear, nonetheless I cannot but agree with the above-mentioned comments when it comes to the clutch and gearbox mechanisms. I am finding it increasingly harder to shift from neutral to first, and I was made to understand that this "phenomenon" is indeed very symptomatic of Hondas (Ballade?), and will soon "spread" to the other gear transmissions. I have not changed the timing belt as yet, but I ensure that the car benefits from regular servicing (a religious six-month pattern would be ideal given the age of the car). The air-conditioning system seems to be slowly dying out and even at full blast, only a shy whiff of cool air comes out of the vents (I think re-gasing would be the solution). Though the car is shielded as much as possible from weathering, I have noticed some cracks on the bonnet. But all in all, the Honda Ballade is VERY low on fuel consumption. It has served me well... part of me will die when I sell this mean and loyal machine.

1st Mar 2007, 08:45

I bought a Honda 89 with 270000 km and it still runs fine,but had a few problems the idle speed is too high and I got a singing sound on the gearbox, but it is a nice car to have it gave me about 14km/l.



21st Aug 2007, 20:05

I am the proud owner of a 1996 Honda Ballade 150i Luxline, and fully agree with the positive comment raised by fellow Ballade owners. The car is still good looking after 11 years, is very economical and also mechanically very reliable. Apart from tyres, exhaust and a timing belt replacement at 160000km, the car still gives me reliable day to day service. The standard of fitments and overall quality of the car also compares well with other more expensive car makes.

7th Jan 2008, 06:36

Can only agree with all the other positive posts. A fantastic little car. If you want to get it going you just have to let it rev a tad harder than normal.

As long as you keep the oil clean it should last forever. If you use synthetic it probably will - the engine that is :-)

18th Aug 2008, 09:46

I have a 94 Honda Ballade Luxline 150. 320200km on the clock and still goes lyk a lil bomb!

25th Jan 2010, 05:31

I have just inherited a Honda Ballade 150i (Auto). It still need a lot of fixing, but it sounds very promising - I love it!!

20th Jul 2010, 15:39

I own a 1989 150 16v SH4 HONDA Ballade, which still handles and look like a dream, not to mention the look "real eye candy". I am not planning to replace this car in my lifetime.

5th Sep 2010, 12:38

I have owned 3 of these vehicles; 87 150i, 89 160i, and an 84 1300. They are great cars, so much so that they are a favourite when it comes to car theft.

I live in Durban, and have had 2 stolen from me. So if you want to buy one, you won't be sorry, just get a good security system.

21st Dec 2010, 13:51

I have just purchased a light blue 1985 Honda Ballade 150. I'm am so delighted with the car, that I don't have any words that would do her justice.

Two things though, had to replace the battery, and the distributor wire to number 3 spark plug had a short, resulting in a occasional misfire. Luckily, both quick fixes.

All and all, a great student car.

20th Mar 2011, 11:39

How do you maintain the roof lining?

6th Jul 2012, 06:41

Please send me the pictures to gravedgdg@gmail.com

28th Nov 2012, 10:52

I own a Honda Ballade 150, which is a 1985 model. It is almost a year since I bought my Honda. The only problem I'm experiencing now is the temperature is too high. I'm still confused what the reason is. I stripped my Honda engine to insert a new head set. Hopefully that will cause a change. I love this car, and is very light on fuel.

I need more advice from people who know more about this car.

9th Jul 2013, 12:05

I am in the process of buying a 1993 Honda Ballade 150 Luxline. It has 145k on the clock. Anyone with experience on this model, be it positive or negative will be appreciated... Thanks.

12th Apr 2014, 04:03

I own a 85 model Ballade. It's a good daily runner. I had the same problem. Just removed the thermostarter, cleaned the radiator with radiator flush and inserted anti freeze. Ensure your car is well maintained.

23rd Jun 2014, 20:51

Hey, I just bought my Honda Luxline 150i 96 model and I am fully satisfied with it. Could you just please tell me what type of fuel is best to use, leaded or unleaded? Thanks.

24th Nov 2014, 09:38

Hello Honda lovers, I've been driving a 94 SR4 Ballade Luxline (carburetor) for few years now & it's been wonderful to me. Recently I have done an engine overhaul (not by me), but the guy who did it didn't get it right with timing, & it ended up tearing the belt. The next mechanic came to fix it, and after that it was OK until recently the car just went off while driving, & you have to wait for a few minutes before it can start again (basically when it's hot the engine just stops running). What can be the problem? I'm so sad as I don't want to sell that car.