1993 Honda Civic CX 1.5 from North America


Excellent little car, nothing better in my opinion!


Nothing! I bought it for a measly $340, and have not had to do a single thing.

It came with some receipts for work done, and it has had everything looked after that is common on these cars.

General Comments:

Treat this car good, and drive normally, and just use it like it should be used. It is an economy car, not a race car. I would not rev it up very high, as I prefer to just drive where I need to go, and take care of it.

The cabin room up front is kinda cramped, but the hatchback has a lot of room and a cool little tailgate. I love the hatch area.

It's like a 2wd SUV go-cart. It can take more cargo than a lot of full size sedan's, and is rated as the second best car for fuel mileage. Even the diesel car's do not get as good of fuel mileage. Best car going for economy, and you won't lose anything on depreciation either. It very well may just go up in value if you keep it maintained.

Excellent car, I recommend to anyone that is practical and needs a car to go from A to B.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2009

28th Feb 2009, 13:47

Original comment poster. car is still running great. I found the "performance" muffler was not to blame for the noise. Instead it had a small hole from rust, and only had 1 bolt holding the muffler pipe on where they bolt together in the rear section. I still plan to replace with stock muffler and I already purchased a stock muffler at the auto recyclers for $7.95, nothing fancy just a clean, solid stocker.

Clutch is good, no leaks at all, needs an oil change soon.

I got used mag rims in 15" size and sold the 14" mags for same price. Still into it for under $400 and been driving it for nearly 2 months. Starts up always, but does rev up and down when nearing normal operating temperature. The revs will go from 1500 to 2000 to 900 to 1500 and over again for about 1 minute until she reaches temp. High idle works good, just seems to get stuck when it is nearing being warmed up, once warmed up it doesn't do it at all. Leave it sitting for 4 hours after a short drive, hop in and yes it will do it again. No problem to me.

Still very happy with it and would buy another one in a second for parts when I find one cheap.

I plan to stick to these cars for awhile, can't beat the gas mileage. I'm happy. Have fun.

1993 Honda Civic VX from North America


Fantastic, comfortable, seriously fuel-efficient car


Paint has faded and worn away on roof over time - normal.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2008

27th Sep 2008, 21:48


What about all that saved mileage? 272k divided by about 45 mpg is equal to 6,000 gallons. Compare that to 10,900 gallons you would have consumed in a typical midsized car that gets 25 mpg. Your savings amounted to about $12,000 in gas alone.

How about the cheap parts? Or the low insurance costs? How about the ability to get about $2500 for it after it's been driven all that time? Most cars would be worth maybe $1000 at this point.

You owe it to your car, your country, and you own conscience to write more about this glorious frugal creation. Without your insight, how can we convert the heathen masses from the untamed realm of SUV's?

15th Feb 2009, 22:04

45 mpg is a nice fantasy, but the 92 Civic only gets 33 mpg. My '03 heavier, more powerful 2003 Chevy Cavalier with Ecotec engine and higher EGR flow (due to more stringent federal NOX regulations in later years) does better. In terms of power vs. weight/economy, These Japanese cars are not as efficient as people think they are.

20th May 2010, 13:24

Was trying to resist not to comment on above comment, but a regular Civic gets 33mpg. VX gets at least 39-40 when you drive harsh. Close to 50 when driving conservatively.

Love my VX so far, and easy on the wallet at the pump.

20th May 2010, 19:40

Ha, I got 45 MPG out of my '08 Civic LX. And I know for a fact that the '08 Civic is far heavier than a '93.

To the commenter with the Cavalier, have you ever gotten anywhere above 35? And has your cylinder head cracked yet?

29th Nov 2013, 22:36

My 1992 gets 38 MPG, and it's not light driving I do. This car is one of the finest machines ever built. 269,000 miles and going strong.

23rd Jul 2014, 11:15

I had a 93 Honda Civic VX that did get that kind of fuel economy. There were 4 models available then -- CX, DX, VX (high fuel economy, V-tec E engine), and a sporty model, Si? Getting 45 MPG with the VX isn't fantasy.