1994 Honda Civic EX 1.6 Vetec from North America


Excellent car for the money


The car didn't have any problems that I can remember.

General Comments:

The car is fairly fast.

The car is great on gas mileage.

There isn't a book you can't look in and see parts for Honda's.

Me and all my friends loved my Honda.

You can buy performance parts.

You can also buy many different parts for the car.

There isn't anything that you can't do to this car.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2004

1994 Honda Civic DX 1.3 (1.3) 16v from UK and Ireland


A pocket rocket


Brake lights failed 83,000 miles.

Replacement of back box exhaust 83,000 miles.

General Comments:

The Honda civic DX is a superb car for its class.

The 1.3 16v 75bhp engine is far from sluggish.

0-60mph in under 11 seconds.

Can reach over 110 mph.

The handling is superb, its very light and responsive, it's a car that you drive not a car that drives you.

Inside the interior of the car is nice, with very comfortable front seats, though it may be small it has far more room in the back than the 106 did.

However the boot space is very tight and small, this car isn't really ideal for family's with kids, but I'm 18 so this didn't bother me.

Insurance for this car is ideal to (group 4) so it's a car most people can afford. Its fairly fuel efficiency.

Expensive parts, but rarely need replacing due to Honda's high reliability.

For a 1.3 engine it's a rocket. will take nearly any 1.6i car acceleration wise leaves cars in the dust.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2004

1994 Honda Civic Hatchback DX 1.5 from North America


This car will run forever!!!


Seats have started to wear badly.

Suspension has worn out as well.

Replaced head gasket, timing belt twice, water pump, and catalytic converter.

I have since replaced the engine with the D16Z6. (the 93 Del Sol VTec motor)

General Comments:

Overall, this is a great little car, I have put a good amount of money into it, but, I bought it with very high miles on it, any other car would have been ready for the junkyard by then.

The body is still in great condition.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2004

1994 Honda Civic Hatchback from North America


Awesome, reliable, efficient CAR!


Nothing ever has gone wrong with this car! It's absolutely amazing! Kudos to Honda!

Amazing fuel efficiency. I tanked the car once a month!

Most reliable car! I've never, ever, ever, had any problems with this car! I sold it recently at a little over 80,000 miles.

At 79,000 (I bought it brand new in 1994) my manual clutch wore out and had to be replaced. I don't find it unusual.

General Comments:

I just recommended that my Mom and my Sister buy this car. I swear by it. Buy Honda if you like to keep your money and not visit a mechanic, ever!

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Review Date: 8th December, 2003

19th Jul 2004, 22:02

My red 1994 Honda civic std 3dr hatch has 210,000 miles. Still with a stock clutch. Still runs like a top, but I felt it was just time to do what was meant to be done. I purchased a 1.6 liter duel overhead cam engine with valve timing and lift electronic control.With a five speed limited slip transmission. Nobody will even see it comming. Yea Wisconsin.

18th Apr 2006, 00:09

Probably the reason people don't see it coming is because it's soo far behind them that they'd need binoculars to see it. Not that there's not some fast civics out there, but I can go out in my moms minivan and embarrass the local civic tuners all day long.

1994 Honda Civic LX 4 cylinder from North America


A low performance waste of money


The car's performance is at an all time low, it is a very sluggish car.

The gas mileage is really not well at all, the gas meter is really not trustworthy.

The automatic version is really not worth the price that it should be.

General Comments:

The car is rather a lemon without the manual transmission.

This civic is not what you want if you want to go up a hill at the speed limit.

A 1994 Civic lx with an Automatic is probably the stupidest thing you can ever buy.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2003

10th Nov 2003, 16:58

That was the worst review I have ever read. Just because the car is slow does not mean it is a lemon. You never said anything has broken on it. Also, if you want a car for gas mileage (which the Civic is built for), it is going to be slow, especially with the automatic.

24th Nov 2003, 14:28

You are right!!! 94' honda civic is I think the slowest car ever made, manual or automatic!!! if the car goes, or if it can go 75 mph, the rpm is at 3500 wich is bad. it takes about 7-9 seconds for it to reach 60 mph!!!

6th Dec 2004, 23:13

I think the Civic with all stock parts is not supposed to speed as fast as some people think it will. I have a 94' Civic, and it easily goes 75 m.p.h. The gas mileage is a great plus for these gas prices.

12th Mar 2008, 17:31

Hi, I have got a Honda Civic, and the car that you've got don't sound right to me. Mine goes up hills fine and is good on fuel. Quite fast for a 1600 auto.

You should take your car to a garage and get it looked at.

26th Dec 2009, 15:14

I just sold a 1994 Honda Civic LX 1.5, and I think that it was the perfect little car.. I did have problems with it though, but it had 265000 miles on it soo the problems came natural, but I think the speed was great; I made 135mph everyday all stock.

27th Dec 2009, 12:38

Those few problems you had around 265,000 miles were probably due to traveling at 135 so frequently. However, it is a perfect example of how durable Civics are.

22nd Dec 2017, 02:40

It's not a speed racer, that's for sure. But the comment about bad gas mileage is bogus for sure, or there is something wrong with your car. I've seen these cars on steep hills in auto and manual do just fine. It's a 1.5L 4 cylinder so you're gonna have to dig in a little on the gas, but no problems for me. This is also one of the most reliable cars ever made. A lemon by NO means.