1994 Honda Civic Ferio MX 1.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


The best, most reliable car I have ever owned!


Only downside is the steering wheel has faded a bit from the sun... Easy fix, buy a steering wheel cover... Sorted.

Had to get idle adjusted... was idling quite low, but has been fine ever since.

General Comments:

This is a great, reliable and seriously economical car, which is great with rising fuel prices... Will do 500-650km per 36 litres (91 Octane).

The car has never broken down and feels great to drive!

Also has plenty of power on hills, which is great considering it's the carb model, not fuel injected.

The car is also really spacious... Will seat 4-5 people comfortably...

Great for anyone wanting a cheap, low maintenance car that will stand the test of time.

Starts first time and is a definitely a keeper...

One of the cheapest cars I have ever owned... Would be the cheapest, but I've owned a Daihatsu Mira in the past, but this Civic is much better and a lot quicker!

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Review Date: 16th March, 2013

1994 Honda Civic EX 1.6L VTEC from North America


Fun, practical, and a complete blast to own


Alternator and battery had to replaced as soon as I purchased the car (alternator worked enough to limp it home with a fresh battery, and that was about it).

Replaced distributor due to a bad sensor. There are three sensors in the distributor, and if one goes bad, the entire piece needs to be replaced. In my case, I would get an intermittent but very noticeable misfire, often causing the car to stall at stoplights.

Needed to perform a plethora of suspension work upon purchase - tie rod ends, control arm bushings, trailing arm bushings, ball joints, both CV shafts.

Front brakes (pads and rotors) were toasted when I bought it.

Radiator completely blew out about a month after buying the car. Took about half an hour to replace, so it wasn't the end of the world.

Exhaust is shot. Every seal from the manifold back is leaking and the muffler is virtually nonexistent.

Timing belt, water pump, and clutch will need to be replaced coming up at 180,000 miles, but this is routine.

Climate control lights are out, which is a common problem for older Hondas.

Speedometer works intermittently, which is a problem I haven't been able to track down, despite many hours of digging.

Also a familiar problem with any old Honda in the rust belt, the quarter panels resemble a piece of Swiss cheese. But again, this is an 18 year old car.

General Comments:

This is the third Civic I've owned, and I never cease to be amazed. For a compact economy car nearly two decades old, the 1.6L VTEC motors, with the manual transmission, are incredibly snappy and a blast to drive. The engine is very, very responsive, the transmission shifts very smooth, and it will easily attain speeds capable of earning a speeding ticket.

The styling is, I feel, top notch for a '94, regardless of make or model. These cars are still very good looking machines, in my opinion.

Cabin road noise is a little excessive, and the seats can be a tad unsupportive on long distances, but those are my only complaints. The suspension is stiff enough to feel the road, but not so stiff as to provide a bone-jarring ride. The braking is better than average, and the handling is incredibly responsive. With decent summer tires, the car handles like it's on rails.

Another thing I am amazed by is the array of options available in this car. Power sunroof, windows, mirrors, locks, cruise control, A/C, 6-speaker stereo, all of these are things that are unavailable on most cars of the same era and price range. And all of these options still work flawlessly on my car.

The only mechanical problems I've experienced have been either routine maintenance for a vehicle of this many miles, or have been caused by years of serious neglect by the previous owner. Fortunately, these cars are amazingly simple to work on, and parts are readily available. Anybody with even the slightest mechanical inclination and a few basic tools can fix most problems these cars will have.

In short, the fifth generation of Civic (1992-95) is one of the most reliable, well-designed vehicles available. This is the third Civic I've owned, and I've been beyond satisfied with the performance, reliability, and comfort of these little cars. They will never leave you stranded, and they will never leave you disappointed.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2012

28th Jan 2012, 02:39

1992-1995 Civics were the best.

28th Jan 2012, 09:20

You are definitely right, my friend... legendary generation (92-95). I had a '93 --- cornered like nobody's business.

30th Jan 2012, 18:18

My friend had a 1993 Civic Si. That thing was like The Roadrunner on wheels!