1994 Honda Civic 1.5 LSI 1.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


Sleek and refined lazy mans hatch


Nothing to date, though the 1 elderly owner from Cleveleys serviced her local runaround regularly.

I paid £1200 for a very low mileage well maintained 94 civic in Kingfisher blue. The car is immaculate in every way and is a joy to drive if rather low. 4 days after purchase, I was offered £2000 for the car, but declined as I am not interested in the money. This is another example (Read my 1989 NISSAN Sunny Pulsar review) of a manufacturer going over the top to please.

The car is sweet and re-assuring to drive and still turns heads. At 13 years old it is better built than most Euro rivals, having the made in JAPAN sticker under the bonnet.

Although practicality isn't strong, the car is and again mileage is not a significant problem providing adequate servicing has taken place.

If the car seems right buy with confidence. Mine is not a v-tec and is a tad rattly on start up. The v-tec is popular and much more performance based. Problem is... finding a good un.

Drive with care Davidatunison@aol.com.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2006

1994 Honda Civic D 1.8L from North America


Buy it new and never let it go!


At 114,000 miles, I had to replace the transmission... but that was probably because the previous owner didn't take care of it very well. Cost for a used replacement (including labor) : $1,000.

At 120,000 miles, the engine rods spontaneously cracked. My friend (who has the exact same make, model, and year Honda Civic) had her engine rods crack at the exact same mileage - 120,000. Cost for a used replacement (including labor) : $2,200.

The a/c went out completely (had to be completely replaced with new parts) at 128,000. Cost: $800.

General Comments:

I'm convinced most of my troubles were caused by a neglectful previous owner. If you take good care of your Honda Civic, transmission and engine will surely last 200,000 miles.

Handles great! Can't beat 39 mpg on the highway!

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Review Date: 15th July, 2006

29th Feb 2012, 09:04

Just a comment. I don't get why if a Chevy or Ford had these problems, it'd be a piece of junk and the person would never buy one again, but the same thing in a Honda, and it's a great car?

The transmission may or may not have been due to the previous owner - I've seen other reviews with the Honda trans going out - with as little as 20k miles. But your friend had a cracked rod in the same year and model of Honda? Sounds like trouble! Our Escorts didn't have these problems, and got just as good mileage...

1994 Honda Civic 1.6 4 cylinder from North America


Headache on wheels


Paint faded and chipped.

Windshield wiper blades squeak.

Lighter takes too long to turn hot.

Window motor is slower than when I bought it.

Makes wide turns, which makes it hard to do a U-turn on small roads.

Can't find the seat adjuster.

Engine turned black and grimy.

Steering wheel gets extremely hot when the car sits out in the sun, it burns my hands.

The car gets bad mileage - I have to fill it up all the time.

The muffler fell off while on I-95.

Needed to replace hub caps at 200,000 miles.

Gas tank leaks fuel.

The seats are ripped and torn.

Cheap interior.

I tried to sell it for 4K and nobody bought it, so I'm losing money.

The car cries when I drive over 60.

The seat belts stopped working.

The tires constantly blow out.

The gas pedal sticks.

General Comments:

I really dislike this vehicle, it drives me crazy and stresses me out. I'm glad I gave it to my son for his graduation present. This way I don't have to see that lemon anymore.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2006

22nd May 2006, 12:54

230,000 miles??? Doesn't sound like a lemon to me. Besides, some of the things you mentioned as problems don't even sound like real problems with the car. "The steering wheel is hot when I get in after the car has been sitting in the sun" Hello, common sense here should say that it will be hot after the sun has beat on it as it will with any car.