22nd May 2006, 13:50

Again is this guy for real with this review.

Here is a few pointers.

-To prevent the paint from fading you need to wax the car

-Windsheild wipers squeak because they do need to replaced every once in a while. They are not everlasting

-To prevent the steering wheel from getting hot you might want to get a windshield visor or just take off the steering wheel everytime you leave the car.

-As for filling up the gas tank every once in a while, I'm afraid to say that cars do use gas to run and eventually run out and need to be filled. Again, I am just as suprised as you are with this. I did not know that cars needed gas as well, I thought it was a one time thing.

-The hubcaps probably would have lasted longer if you wouldn't be running into curbs and jumping curbs

Some of the problems are a little abnormal like the fuel leaking, the gas pedal sticking, but you do have a car with 230,000 miles. Be lucky the car still runs. I hope you have luck finding a car that does not need any maintenance. Good luck with that. Again remember, refill gas every 30,000 miles or so, oil change every 50 to 60,000 miles, windshield wipers every 200,000 miles, never worry about an air filter, transmission tune ups, or radiator flushes, they should never ever need to be done. They all should be done in like a million miles or so. Again I wish you luck. And that is so thoughtful that you gave this unreliable car that you call a lemon to your son. He must be very satisfied.

22nd May 2006, 14:40

Man, your car has 230,000 miles. You have to be kidding if your car is still running. I wonder if you owned this car or not. Please do not complain if you have the car with this high mileage. How often do you maintain your car?

22nd May 2006, 15:05

You got 70k miles out of it so it couldn't have been that bad. And most of the stuff you complained about is regular wear and tear (Like the wiper blades and window motor and hubcaps).. and you were asking 4k for this car?? That's too much money to ask even if it still had 160k on it!

25th May 2006, 23:31

Can't find the seat adjuster? Maybe it's not there.

Tires blowing out, air pressure check maybe? 180 psi is too much and 3 is not enough.

Gas? Well, if the tank leaks, you're going to get bad gas mileage. Doesn't matter what you drive.

Paint fading? 12 years of sitting in the sun will do that. Heck, I've seen 01's with paint coming off. My 99 Civic has paint missing already, and I wax mine.

Cigarette lighter taking too long? Consider it a very courteous car because it's trying to deter you from your habit.

230K miles and it's a headache? Try getting 230 on a Dodge without calling it a headache. Gosh, our company truck has 188K on it, and it's time for it's 3rd engine. Yours probably has the original.

The thing that gets me though is the 4 grand part. Come on, I bought a 99' recently with 210K on it, and I paid the guy $950 for it. Everything worked (-minus cruise) and it's been a good car. And besides, a car is a car, and the fact is, YOU WILL LOSE MONEY ON A CAR EVERY TIME. It doesn't matter what you get, it depreciates. (Excluding some classics, but yours isn't a classic.) You probably bought it for 4K in 2000 and want all that money back. Well, sorry, but it's not happening. This is life, and it sucks for all of us.

2nd Jun 2006, 20:39

I can see your frustrations, but little things like needing to fill the gas tank up often isn't a big deal. Which would you have to fill up constantly? A civic 10 gallon tank? or a Suburban's big trucks 20 gallon? It has a little engine (either 1.5 or 1.6 single cam) and therefore yes, it will be easily tired out at highway speeds.

Steering wheel problem? Get a steering wheel cover!

And with the paint fading issue, this happens with cars that are your's age, but happens more often to Neons that are only a couple years old! I do believe that this issue can be resolved by waxing and buffing your paint (not that hard).

I think people need to stop complaining about Honda/Acura if they have legit major problems or their car is a real lemon than that's different. I've owned 8 Honda's so far and 5 of them have been Civics. They are great cars, if anyone has experience with them it would be me, and I'm only 20! (I buy cars, soup em up, and sell em)


3rd Jun 2006, 13:24

This man or woman must be used to getting 700,000 miles out of their semi-truck. It is to no wonder she or he would be so mad to have to replace the hubcaps at 200,000. Dang! A semis hubcap will last a long time... this comment has no relevancy, but the mock the complaining car owner.

6th Jun 2006, 21:13

700,000 miles on your semi? What, do you not drive? Our entire fleet has over a million miles a piece, some around 1.5 million.

17th Jul 2006, 23:29

That's kind of mean to give a car that you hate so very much to your son.

18th Jul 2006, 16:42

Just to the person who made the comment about Dodge's and making them at 230,000... my 95 Neon has over 235,000 and still going strong and it doesn't leak nor burn any oil whatsoever.

18th Jul 2006, 23:49

230k on a Honda Civic, which no maintanance has ever been done. Not bad! You will give it to your son and let him pay the repair bills that will inevitably come due. Nice job.

19th Jul 2006, 23:36

Yes Yes Yes... I know... the semi can go at least 1.5 million. The point I was trying to make is that they last long, and you could not expect that from a car like you could a semi.

25th Jul 2006, 15:31

235K is a little hard for me to believe on a Neon unless you have the SOHC with a 5 spd. Even then, I can't imagine that the engine hasn't been at least rebuilt or had a head gasket replaced. My Honda Accord had 304K on it when I sold it, and the engine had never been apart.

We have a 1998 Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins Diesel, and like I said, 3 ENGINES, 3 TRANSMISSIONS, all maintenance records all on time. We've dumped $15,000 into it, and it's still giving us problems. 190K not running good still.

I also have a KI4 engine running on an A413 (Neon transmission) and just turned 100K not too long ago. The engine leaks, the transmission leaks, the tranmission shifts hard, the radio doesn't work, the cooling system doesn't cool the car down much, despite that it's all brand new. I just don't know about Dodge, I've had a lot of problems with them.

20th Aug 2006, 21:06

I have to admit, I was once an avid American car supporter and would only buy Dodge or Ford. After getting into the Automotive repair industry I can honestly tell you Japanese cars and trucks won't only last longer, but will run better longer with not as much maintenance. You very rarely hear of a headgasket replacement on a Honda or Toyota, yet they should come with an extra one in every Neon sold. My sister had a 95 Neon sport SOHC automatic, I maintained the vehicle from day 1. She got rid of it with 144,899 miles, by then I did the head gasket twice, all four struts, both front and rear wheel bearings, timing belt with accessory belts, and regular maintenance. I have a 94 Honda Civic that I bought used with 128,469 miles on it. I looked the car over and no maintenace was really ever done. It had original wires with "94" stamped on them and the timing belt cover bolts looked as if they never been touched. I drive the car daily and took care of the issues it needed, but that neon at that mileage was pretty well wasted, my car with 200,229 miles still gets 34 mpg and that's city mostly. Another point, what the resale value on a American car compared to a Honda or a Toyota, a lot.

10th Mar 2008, 05:06

This post was awesome! I'm still laughing. I don't know if it was a joke or not, but I laughed through the whole thing. Then you top it off by letting us know that you are relieved because you were able to hand it off to your SON! LOL! oh man I almost lost it, you are hilarious! This made my day.

1st May 2008, 20:25

Yes that was very funny, LOL.