1994 Honda Civic LX Special 1.5 from North America


May have paid a bit too much, but I'm not complaining... not much anyway


I've only had it a few weeks, but so far:

The biggest problem the car has developed is a totally random misfire problem. I could be just driving along and out of the blue, it'll misfire. The Check Engine light doesn't come on, so the computer doesn't detect a misfire. At first, I thought it was water in the fuel so I put some Iso-Heet in the tank and all was well for a few more weeks, then the misfire came up again. I am 98 percent sure it's ignition related. After doing some searching, it appears that it's not uncommon for the ignition coil to burn up after 200000 miles (320000 kilometers) or so. I ordered a new ignition coil from eBay. Hopefully that, and a new distributor cap and rotor will cure the problem.

I'm starting to hear some unsettling noises coming from the transmission. It sounds like an intermittent rattling, concurrent with engine speed. Having the clutch pedal in or out doesn't change the noise. I've read that the input shaft bearing has been known to make noise in these cars. Unfortunately, a lot of work is required to change one. I wonder if changing the clutch would quiet the noise any.

This car will not warm up in cold weather, unless I put some cardboard in front of the radiator. It warms up nicely once the cardboard is in place. Is this normal behavior? My brother had a 93 CX (Canadian) hatchback that did the exact same thing in cold weather.

Left side CV joints are clicking on turns, but only when pressure is applied to them (accelerating).

Front end is a bit out of alignment. The car pulls to the right if I hit a patch of water or snow on the road. It's a bit unnerving.

Clutch seems a little weak. It grabs about halfway up off the floor.

Brakes are a little spongy. A few pumps of the pedal and it firms up.

Heater control knob fell off. I have to use a screwdriver to change the heat setting.

General Comments:

The car gets great fuel mileage. I've averaged a bit over 38 miles per gallon over the past 5 tankfuls. It currently costs about 30-35 bucks to fill the tank, based on a 97.9 cents per liter price. Fuel mileage was the whole reason I bought this car.

The handling is good but the ride is a little choppy. Them's the breaks, so to speak, for buying a low-weight car with small 13 inch tires.

The car is pretty peppy on the highway, but at lower rural type speeds, a lot of shifting is required on hills when trying to maintain speed.

Being a relatively low slung car, I find it difficult at times to get out of it. Being that I'm 6'2, and have a stiff lower back, I have to brace my arms against the door frame and pry myself up and out. If the car were even 2 inches higher off the ground, it would make exiting so much easier for me.

Trunk size is quite large for such a small car, and it's got a wide, low opening so putting in heavy objects is easy. I wish a trunk light would have come with the car though.

I notice the windows fog up quite easily. Another Honda trait perhaps? My brother's old 93 CX hatchback also fogged the windows easily, and a 92 Accord I had at one time did it as well.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2010

26th Sep 2013, 22:42

Check for oil in the distributor. Also oil in the spark plug holes.

Common problems for these cars.

1994 Honda Civic EX Coupe gasoline from North America


Greatest vehicle ever built!


Replaced oxygen sensor around 125,000 miles.

Replaced radiator around 200,000 miles.

Replaced timing belt and water pump around 215,000 miles.

Driver seat belt started raveling around 230,000 miles.

General Comments:

I love this car. This is the most reliable car of anyone that I know. Maintenance is almost zero. I change the oil and that's about it.

Gas mileage is incredible. I still own the car, and drive to and from work, and fill up on gas 2 times a month at about $15 a tank.

This car handles very well, and is actually the car I used to learn to drive a manual. I thought I would tear it up just by learning.

This car is unstoppable!!!

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Review Date: 18th December, 2009