1997 Honda Civic 1.8 Vti 1.8 DOHC petrol from UK and Ireland


Wolf in sheep's clothing


Heater fan stopped working on speeds 1 & 2 (out of 4) - i.e. loads of air or no air.

Many false alarm activations - adjusted and now seems fixed.

Handbrake not strong enough to hold car on hills (now adjusted) - also sticks and makes a noise when reversing (this is apparently common and nothing to worry about)

General Comments:

Previously had a Sierra (that went up in flames) and wanted something with a bit more poke...

...and this is the car's main feature - it's speed & acceleration. The DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) V-TEC engine is lively under 5500rpm, but push the revs over 5500rpm (red line at 8000rpm!) and the engine roars and the car takes off :) The engine is only 1.8 but is also 169bhp!

As for the problems above, they have been niggles since I bought the car and gradually I am getting them sorted out by the dealer (not at my expense either which is good) - so they have been good with that. However, they also promised me a handbook, and it still hasn't materialised after 3 months : (

The car on the whole is really good fun to drive and handles like it is glued to the road. The build quality is good, all electric inside, air con, half leather seats etc.

Fuel economy isn't bad considering that it's a sporty model (about 33mpg) but if you drive enthusiastically it goes down...

The only minus point I would say is the road noise. It really is quite a roar on some rough surfaces, even at lower speeds and is certainly not a refined ride. But at the end of the day, this is a quick car and obviously has a lot harder suspension than a more 'regular' model. So it is to be expected really, the fun of driving it more than makes up for it.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2002

24th Nov 2003, 06:32

How did you fix the handbrake?

1997 Honda Civic EX 1.6 SOHC VTEC from North America


This car has lots of potential


Nothing has really gone wrong with the car, except I need a new strut since I lowered the car.

General Comments:

This is a great car overall.

It handles great and is very quick.

I ran a 16.8 in a 1/4 mile with simple bolt ons.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2002

1997 Honda Civic VTi 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Value for money for beginners and intermediate class


Nothing much, the only thing I founnd with this Honda, it's built just right and it cannot handle hard driving condition.

I put 17" wheels, lowered and changed the suspension. I took the car for a serious fast ride. Few months after that it started to produce noise around the rear area of the car.

Other thing that the parts are quite expensive, for comparison to the local made car, just the fuel filter cost me more than 60 dollars where a Holden one cost less than 30 dollars.

I guess it's the way OZ Government protects the local car market by charging more tax for imported parts.

I would say, Honda Civic is really a cool small car for beginners to intermediate level only.

General Comments:

On the other hand, this particular model is really good on fuel consumption. On average, I use 35 litres for 420-440 KM.

Good re-sale value, good looking car and built for comfort not for toughness.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2002

1997 Honda Civic VTi 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Economical performance motoring


Early days, but nothing to date.

General Comments:

Superb smooth performance. Engine revs right to 8000rpm, slick gearchange, excellent brakes. Averages 35mpg. Low gearing means at anything above 75 mph on the motorway you need earplugs, but this aids fuel ecomomy! Lovely VTEC soundtrack above 6000rpm.

Car looks like a harmless Rover (a definite plus point).

Only blot on driving pleasure is the steering feedback, but this is not a major drawback.

Dealer support is excellent, far far better than with my Peugeot (Mi16). The Honda people seem genuinely interested in the cars they sell.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2001