1997 Honda Civic EX Vortec from North America


Great commuter car

General Comments:

This has been the most trouble-free car we have ever owned. Not one problem ever. Great gas mileage, quick starts.

Was not a great road trip car because of the internal road noise.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2003

1997 Honda Civic EX Coupe 1.6L SOHC from North America


A wonderful, sporty, red compact


At two in the morning on a Sunday in the rain my passenger window came off track, causing the glass to pop about two inches out of the car. Since I was out and no place was open, I had to tear the door apart to realign the window and keep water from raining in.

General Comments:

I wish it had more power from the factory and I wish there was less body roll.

My car kept me safe when a brand new tire blew and sent the car head first into a concrete pillar at high speed. The car was totaled, but I was able to walk away.

I never had any problems with the car besides the window.

The interior was comfortable enough for me to fall asleep in.

The rear seats fold forward so that I can carry almost anything.

Honda also financed my vehicle for me and I never had a problem.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2003

1997 Honda Civic LSi 1.5 vtec from UK and Ireland


Lovely, cheap, reliable and fun car!!!


Barely anything really. Amazing for a nearly 7 yr old car. It needed a new center exhaust section costing £80, and I replaced the tired shock absorbers with a new adjustable set (much better).

That's it!

General Comments:

I have owned the car for a year now, and love the reliability, and excellent, but expensive dealers. I would rather pay more for better service than pay less, and get poor service like 90% of other manufacturers offer.

The car is my first Honda, and has impressed me with its build quality, power, refinement, looks, economy, value, and all round ownership qualities.

The performance for a 1.5 is good, but my thirst for power is beckoning me to the faster model! With an adjustable suspension kit fitted, and 17" wheels and tires, the cornering and steering feel is much better, but needs more steering weight for more confidence.

The seats are un-supportive and a dingy color, but apart form that the car is quiet and solid. Why buy a Volkswagon for build, when they are bland, and why buy French cars for flair and handling, when a Honda does both very well, with no bad points!

I would recommend a Honda to anyone, and if I had to buy a new car, and had lots more money, I would still buy a Japanese car!

The other great thing is, the car only cost me £4k, and to look at it, it looks like £10k!

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003

18th Mar 2004, 18:17

My steering feels light too with 17" wheels. What can be done?

1997 Honda Civic VTEC-E 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Not recommended


Several minor niggles.

Drivers door window doesn't shut properly.

Door seals split and loose.

Excessive wind noise.

Lumpy engine.

Interior trim rattles.

General Comments:

I don't like this car at all, the economy is good as long you don't mind the utterly gutless engine.

The VTEC-E is supposed to be tuned for economy, but I found it incredibly frustrating and tiresome to drive.

Around town its lumpy and jerky and on the motorway the engine is very uneven between VTEC and non VTEC mode and lurches and splutters between the two. You either pootle along with absolutely no torque at all or you have to thrash it to death to get any response out of the engine. Truly dreadful to drive in my opinion, the equivalent Toyota engines are far gutsier, quieter and torquey.

One plus point is the handling, its quite compliant and grips well, but overall its Rover associations and zero image plus the whining, wearisome engine make it a truly unpleasant car to drive.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2003