2004 Honda Civic SE 1.7 from North America


Not your father's Civic!


My head gasket blew at 78000 km. Yes, at seventy-eight thousand kilometers the head gasket needed to be replaced. I was lucky because I had an extended warranty, the dealership replaced the head gasket at no charge.

General Comments:

The car is very fuel efficient.

Nothing else had to be fixed on this car.

I think this generation of Civic is not as reliable as older Civics were.

Maybe it's a general downgrade of the quality in the automotive industry, or how to make more with less.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2010

31st Dec 2010, 07:44

I'm the original poster of this review. Just to inform you that my civic had the head gasket replaced the second time this year! Nobody told me why my Civic needed 2 head gaskets this year.

31st Dec 2010, 14:48

"I was lucky because I had an extended warranty, the dealership replaced the head gasket at no charge."

Not entirely accurate. You paid for the extended warranty, therefore you really did pay for the gasket indirectly...

2004 Honda Civic Coupe VP 1.7 from North America


Reliable, economical, well-designed


Dashboard cluster failed and was replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

I have had 20 or so cars in my life time, and this is by far the most reliable and well-built. I would recommend this car to anyone. It is really economical and I have not spent a penny on repairs - just basic servicing.

It drives smooth, handles well, and feels solid on the road. There is loads of cabin space, especially in the front. There has been hardly any signs of wear in the last 55000 miles.

The only things I would change, is the acceleration is a little slow - but then I think it's restricted for greater fuel economy - I can still get the 32 - 38 MPG. The clutch pedal needs a bit of grease now and again - to alleviate a little creaking.

As long as you like the design, the feel and the way it drives, buy one. The new Civic prices have gone up a bit now - but I paid under 12K - brand new from the dealer. I think the 04 goes for around 8 - but find one that has been well looked after and you're laughing.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2009

2004 Honda Civic Si 2.0 K20 from North America


Sporty, dependable, efficient = versatile


Nothing horrible, it's a Honda.

The power windows sometimes stop part way up and start going back down.

Sunroof stops closing halfway. Not a big deal, just have to let go of the button and push it again, but it's a little annoying that the car I bought strictly for reliability is having these minor defects with so few miles on it.

Insulation seems to have a leak. Sounds like the window is cracked open when it is not above 60mph.

General Comments:

Sporty for a 2 liter. Quicker than most 4 bangers. Handles smoothly, sporty suspension. Relatively good gas mileage, (usually 27-32). Although my old Civic, an 04 EX, got about 5 mpg better, and wasn't that much slower.

Overall good car, a few weird quirks. I am mainly unhappy with the fact that I had a 3k mile warranty, and the dealer refused to cover the above mentioned defects within the first couple hundred miles.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2009

30th Apr 2009, 11:57

My 2005 Si sunroof does the same thing. It is supposed to. It even tells you about it in the owner's manual. I don't like the feature, but it is not a defect.

2004 Honda Civic Special Edition 1.7L SOHC from North America


Far and away the best car in its class


Absolutely nothing has "gone wrong".

The car is extremely well made!

General Comments:

Even at 4 1/2 years including brutal Cdn winters, it shows and wears extremely well esp. in Silver/Grey cloth.

My wife loves the visibility over the hood and all around esp. blind spot. I love the way it holds the road. I keep forgeting it's an economy car.

Very fun, inexpensive to own (but not cheap to look at), comfortable, practical and sensible car. I was going to say "I wish all cars were made like Honda," but...

In our opinion, (my wife, son, his buddies and myself) believe that the 04/05 Honda Civic in any trim or either transmission is destined to become a classic.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2008