2010 Honda Civic LX 1.8 i-VTEC (R18) from North America


Average reliability and annoying to live with


Brakes (wear item I know) were replaced at 20,000 miles-ish, pads and rotors. Service was done at the Honda dealer, but the new pads leave a lot of brake dust on the wheels. Paid almost $500, not impressed with the Honda "quality" of parts.

Battery died at 27,000 miles and 3 years. Another wear item, but I was expecting a little more since my Elantra did 7 years on its battery.

Keyfob batteries seem to go out every 2 years.

The car is starting to misfire now at idle. Stalls occasionally at traffic lights, but Honda says it's "normal". Has not been fixed yet, but I just deal with it.

General Comments:

I'll admit that the car hasn't been a really bad car to own, but I think it's incredibly over hyped for quality and reliability. Paying $25,680 out the door for a "loaded" LX, and choosing a Honda over anything else because my old Accord had 300k miles on the original drivetrain, I expected better.

I think Honda's are coasting on the general consensus that everyone thinks they are super reliable cars, when in reality they're more average than anything. If you take a seat inside an 8th gen Civic and then sit in something like a Focus, Chevy Cruze, Hyundai Elantra, Mazda 3, you realize that the Civic, while quite attractive to look at, is a bit lacking in the interior department. Tap the dash board with your fist to see what I mean; it just feels cheap.

Couple that to the fact that the Civic itself is a really noisy car (wind and road noise), and that the grade logic auto transmission is anxious to shift in and out of gear at the most annoying times, and the car's appeal quickly fades as an everyday commuter.

As stated, it's not a bad car per se, but for the used values that Honda commands on the market for an average car, it's definitely not worth the money.

I say this sadly, I wish I had my Elantra back, even after 4 years with a Civic.

The reason I'd not look at a new Honda is that Honda is still using the same motor and transmission in the 2014 models that has been in use since the 06, which leaves me little hope that they're doing anything to make the Civic a more pleasant car to live with. My confidence has been shaken but not shattered in Honda, but taking my money elsewhere until I see better things.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2014

31st Jan 2015, 11:37

I agree on the battery comment. Mine went at about 35K miles.

My brakes were fine though. I bought my car at 22k miles and didn't have all the brake issues others did. Probably because the dealer replaced them.

2010 Honda Civic LX-S 1.8 from North America


Reliable, efficent, but suspension problems


Shock absorber performance.

General Comments:

Since I've put 107,000 miles trouble free on this car, it's hard to not to give it a happy face.

The one complaint I have is the suspension. The car is now 4 years old, and I have done 95% highway mileage. The car feels like it has no shock absorbers left; going over small bumps or potholes causes a bone jarring sound and feeling. If I have any added weight of passengers in the car, it's worse, and it's really painful.

Cabin noise as always is high in the Civic. I have a 1998, and two 2004's as well, and they are all loud in the cabin, but only the 2010 has the shock absorber issue.

Otherwise this car is unbelievable in terms of gas efficiency (39 MPG) and reliability.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2014

29th Jan 2014, 16:19

Shocks are a wear-out item... on most cars they last a little longer, sure, but they're definitely cheap and easy to replace. Put some aftermarket Monroes on there or something similar, and it may last longer than the stock Honda shocks did.

22nd May 2014, 10:46

I have never changed the shocks on my 98, and they're still great. This car was driven to Brooklyn and back to Manalapan, NJ daily by my wife for several years, so it had the shiznit beat out of it. Same with the 2004. My 2010 on the other hand is 95% highway miles, and the shocks are shot. So, that's why I'm disappointed.

22nd Sep 2014, 15:30

It is very probable Honda used cheaper shock absorbers this time. My recommendation is to go with a good aftermarket standard stiffness parts such as Kyb for example (check out on forums) that will surely last past 100k miles.

22nd Sep 2014, 15:31

Also check the control arm bushings.