2012 Honda Civic EX 1.8L from North America


Love it so far


Everything's fine so far.

General Comments:

I test drove a bunch of compacts before deciding on the Civic. It was a close toss up between this and the Elantra. The Civic had more room in the back seat, and I preferred the console layout, so I went with the Civic. I would have gotten heated seats in the Elantra at the same trim level, but so far the cloth seats are fine in winter.

Performance wise this was miles beyond my old (1989) diesel Jetta. I found it to corner very well, and the stability control is impressive. I can actually accelerate on the highway, and I don't slow down going up hills! Heh.

One small complaint would be the lack of an actual temperature gauge. I know it's not that critical, but I still like to know if I should be backing off the throttle in summer when cruising up steep hills or not. Rather I just get a low or high temperature warning.

The Bluetooth system works great with my smartphone, muting the music when I get a call and starting the song where it left off when I hang up (playing from flash drive). I am constantly finding nice, well though out features like that.

I found the fuel economy to be spot on from the US figures (28mpg city, 36mpg highway). I actually manage a bit better than that on the highway (39mpg).

Again, a nice feature is how easy it is to switch between kilometers and miles; just press and hold the clock button for two seconds.

The iMid screen is neat, I feel it's still very under utilized. The information layout could be better optimized, as well as all the neat information the screen could display from all the sensors this car has.

The interior is a bit plasticky as some reviews say, but I didn't find it much worse than the competition at similar trim levels.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2011

26th Nov 2011, 18:10

These days, even when a vehicle has a temperature gauge, it is "damped"; the temperature can vary between (for example) 180-200 degrees (per a scantool) and the needle won't move bit. Still, that beats the Cold/Hot light gauge replacement - like a 60's Full-size Chevy/Ford/Olds. THIS is progress - NOT!!!

2012 Honda Civic DX 1.8 i-vtec from North America


The economy car of the new decade


Flat battery at purchase.

General Comments:

Looks great inside and out... Dyno Blue Pearl paint on a base car looks like it cost much more... however no radio, A/C, power locks, power mirrors; makes one think of them as performance weight saving features for free.

Surprisingly quiet interior and amazing handling, even with the low rolling resistance Firestone fuel fighter tires. Takes off ramps at highway speeds with little to no body roll.

Notable features; a trip computer, power windows, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, electric power steering, econ button enabling 35-40 mpg.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2011

22nd Aug 2011, 17:00

Purchased a 2008 Honda Civic new off the lot.

Front end out of alignment, needed new tire right after 30k. Rides like a go-cart.

Wind spoiler, front protection plastic part under bumper held in by some cheap plastic bolts, was loose by 30k.

The car may run for a while, but not the car of the year. It's the Chevy Vega of economy cars.