2012 Honda Civic LX 1.7 from North America


Great economy car


Nothing as of now. 30,000 miles.

General Comments:

I purchased this Civic, brand new straight off the lot. I was really looking for an economic car that would take a beating, as I drive a lot for work. Particularly, one that could take on a lot of highway and city driving.

The good:

It drives very well, easy to maneuver, great road feedback, and accelerates very well and can be quite fast - I have a manual transmission. I've redlined it multiple times and it takes it like a champ. I love taking off fast from the red light and hearing the nice roar of the engine as it hits 4,000 RPM.

I feel like I put a lot of strain on this car, and that it loves me for it. As of now there's nothing wrong with the car (30K miles). No new tires, no new brakes, nothing except the routine oil changes and tire rotations.

I am very impressed with the car, as I put it through a daily grind of stop and go, fast accelerations, high RPM and lots of miles.

It still feels and drives like new, and the design looks very classic. I wash it every week, and it looks like I just got it off the dealer.

Surprisingly it also fits 5 large adults well. Though they might not like it.

The bad:

It's not comfortable for long trips, and can be noisy while on the highway for long periods of time. But this is a city car - and I am OK with that. The warning for low tire pressure always appears any time the temperature drops, and my tires still look the same.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2014

18th Jul 2014, 17:08

It is not possible to visually evaluate a tire pressure. A tire with almost no pressure will look just like a tire inflated at normal pressure. It is absolutely essential to purchase a tire manometer for $5 (I recommend the dial type ones, easier to use). Inflating a tire without a manometer will surely result in an overinflated tire that can explode while driving.

29th Jan 2018, 10:29

Your Honda is trying to save you; in cold weather your tire pressure drops, so read up on tire care and save some money. Under inflated tires wear incorrectly and are deadly.

2012 Honda Civic LX 1.8 from North America


Good econo box



General Comments:

I have driven this car for 60,000 miles, so I can give some informed commentary here (nothing against those who just got it and wrote a review, but I'm not sure it's very valuable).

Gas mileage is very good. On my long, highway trip to work I can be driving 70-85mph at times, and average 38.5 MPG in summer and 34.5 in the winter.

It is more comfortable than my previous car, a 1999 Civic. Big bumps are still bad, but not nearly as bad as in the previous Civic.

Handling is mushy and poorer than the old Civic. The car is obviously heavier. Rolls and feels heavy in turns.

The 1.8 liter motor is relatively peppy if you have the econ off. With Econ on, the accelerator is (purposely) very mushy and unresponsive. Transmission is stubborn about downshifting too. You get used to it, it really does save gas.

Brakes are OK. Could be a bit more responsive.

Highway is slightly annoying. The car gets knocked around by the wind something awful. Sometimes it's all over the road. It has a big profile and really skinny (gas saver) tires. I will need my first set of replacement tires soon. I will probably put some fatter tires on it that grip the road a little more assertively.

Not great in snow. No Civic is, but this is worse than the old one. Again, may be the firm tires.

I would buy it again. It's comfortable enough, was decently priced, goes really long periods between oil changes and needs very little maintenance. Gets great mileage, and I won't have to worry about hybrid batteries becoming an expensive liability in 5 years.

Drove my last Civic 250k. This one is obviously going to easily do that.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2014

18th Jul 2014, 17:14

Tires can have a little bit to do with highway stability; original tires perform quite poorly. I would ask the dealer to replace then from the start. But the car is light, so it's sensitive to side winds. It's worth making sure the geometry is within the specs.