12th Jun 2007, 13:45

So the Corolla gets more than 40mpg? the VW now has a well built interior that does not self destruct? And Mazda builds their own car? A bunch of lies I tell you, lies!

13th Jun 2007, 14:32

The toyota corolla gets better gas mileage for a standard, the Civic gets better gas mileage for an automatic transmission. I have to disagree about the mazda3 as I didn't think it handled any better. As for the VW rabbit, it may have a nice interior and a great brand, but to get it fully loaded you will end up in a higher price bracket and it has other drawbacks like gas mileage. I would say over all the Civic is the best small car for the money. It may not be perfect in every aspect, but when you look at everything overall it's a great vehicle.

16th Jun 2007, 09:07

"the VW now has a well built interior that does not self destruct?"

VW has always had the best interior in their class. Even when they were plagued with other issues for awhile they still had the best interiors. VW interiors DO NOT fall apart. Once again GET REAL!

16th Jun 2007, 19:58

I don't think the crayon smell is the best quality neither do I think the breaking of components in the interior is the basis of quality such as windows falling into doors, parts that don't seem to always work; or alarms that don't work properly half time. This is typical Volkswagen and I think you need to get real. Even our Cabrio without any power features minus the power locks had a lot of trouble. Worst car we have ever owned and I wish that VW either fixes their cars or pulls out of the US.

23rd Jun 2007, 17:28

Toyota corolla and VW rabbit are both ugly cars... who cares...

30th Jun 2007, 00:34

The Civic does have much better fuel economy than the Rabbit and Mazda3. And the Civic may be more expensive than the Corolla, but it also has more features and a freshly designed interior.

Also it's not really fair to compare luxury cars to Corollas, Rabbits, Mazda3s and Civics because they cost about 20,000 less. It's what is called a different class.

And of course every brand of cars pumps out a lemon every now and then, so chill out on "car discrimination".

11th Aug 2007, 21:35

Yes... A VERY VERY good car. but you have to at least get the ex package.

12th Aug 2007, 20:51

All the EX package really is alloy wheels and a sunroof. Some wing nut will probably end up switching the rims, and the sunroof will leak when it gets old. So there is no trade off of dissing an Lx and buying the EX trim. The engines are also the same, so no complaints from me.

21st Aug 2007, 16:44

Not true at all. The EX also comes with ALL WHEEL DISC BRAKES. The LX has only rear disc. Four disc breaks are now becoming the standard and are that much safer if that's what you're looking for. The VW rabbit is a more "powerful" car at low rpms than the civic, so that's something to think about before purchasing one. I myself am tempted to buy the Rabbit, but the Civic is such a sexy car!

29th Oct 2007, 13:29

I purchased the 2007 Civic as a replacement for my 1998 Corolla, which did 450,000 km without any problem, so the Civic has a lot to live up to!

It's a very good car, the only problem being,it cannot be driven without the engine snatching and bucking, which is worse at low speed, this is going to lead to a shortened life for the transmission (5 speed).

The engine also hesitates around 4000 rpm (especially in the wet). The dealer tells me "All Civics drive this way", which makes me ask "Why would anyone buy one"?

I hope to find a less arrogant dealer than the one I have been dealing with, but I have encountered Honda service staff before, so my task will not be easy.

I'm sure that it is an electrical problem, but being intermittent will be hard to find.

It's a real pity because this is spoiling what could be a good car.

5th Nov 2007, 17:50

Although I'm not an import fan (my one and only Civic lasted a mere 93,000 miles before self-destructing) I think you are being given the run-around by your dealer. NO CAR should be snatching and bucking (and YES, this WILL shorten the life of transmission, and clutch and CV joints). Find a dealer that will fix it properly or file a complaint with the Honda America customer service department.

Also, document all your dealer visits about this problem, and keep a file on it in case you need to go into arbitration about it after the warranty is out. Any pre-existing condition HAS to be repaired by the company even if your warranty is out, but only if you have carefully documented the problem and kept accurate records of dealer visits.

6th Nov 2007, 12:24

My two and many more to come Honda's have lasted me well over 250,000 miles. American Honda should be covering it since it is still under warranty.

28th Dec 2007, 16:36

Having a 99 Civic DX Hatch made me buy another Civic Coupe EX. Excellent car, the fit and finish is superior of the 07 civic EX. Don't try to compare interior's of Rabbit or Coroalla or Mazda 3 because they don't compare in my opinion. Mazda 3, Rabbit or Corolla will give you more for the money, but Honda is very reliable, efficient and best safety review.

17th Aug 2009, 17:13

I have a 2008 Honda Civic LX sedan with an automatic transmission. When I shift into drive and release the brake, it makes a tiny grinding noise, it's barely noticeable, it took me awhile to realize it, should I be worried about this? It still drives fine and it shifts through it's gears very smoothly, sometimes I don't even realize that it's shifted it's so smooth. Is this just the gear engaging, or is it a problem I should worry about?

17th Dec 2009, 17:54

To the comment above about the grinding noise, I think I know what you mean. My car makes a light "click" noise when it shifts from reverse into drive. All of the new Civics make this noise. Not entirely sure as to why, but I have heard it is due to the new 5 speed automatic transmission they are using. I don't think it is anything to worry about though, as I have not heard of any serious transmission problems affecting these new generation Civics.

17th Dec 2009, 20:03

Nothing to be afraid of. That slight grind noise when you first take off is the ABS running a system test. It's normal. In fact, if you don't hear that slight grind at take off, your ABS may not be running it's tests. However this would illuminate the ABS light before you noticed anyways. Either way, the noise you are hearing is normal and not harmful to the vehicle.