5th Nov 2011, 21:07

I bought my 2007 Honda Civic brand new. Two months after the warranty expired, the paint started to fade on it. I have been dealing with this unsightly problem for sixteen months. Honda will not take full responsibility. I would love to place a class action lawsuit against them. If you are still interested in this, please contact me at lugli7@hotmail.com

8th Nov 2011, 08:21

Is the fading issue a widespread problem that has been documented on the Civic? I have known a few Civic owners, and have never heard of any complaints about paint fading. If you are to be successful with a class action suit against Honda, you'd better have hundreds of people in on it with you. You really have to prove this is a manufacturing defect, and not just an isolated case.

20th Nov 2011, 17:11

I live in Veracruz Mexico, which is a beach city. I live very close to the sea (like 500m). Since August 2007 when I bought the car, to November 2011, the car sleeps in the street.

Sun, rain, dust & sand, sea breeze.

Also, I have a little Honda club with 3 friends with Si's, and another 5 with EX coupes, all from Veracruz. Since today, me and my friends don't have any problems with the paint job, so... I think you have had bad luck!!

21st Nov 2011, 17:40

Comment 11:09 sounds like our experience with Honda. We too fell for the ad hype and urging of import fans who don't know a fuel injector from a spare tire. Ours started self-destructing at 40,000 miles. It burned oil (a quart every three weeks), had clattering CV joints, ate brake pads like candy, and the paint (red) faded a lot in a short time. The car finally was sold to a junk yard with a blown engine at just shy of 100,000 miles. It wasn't worth fixing. We now drive only Ford or GM, and never have any problems. We are going for 150,000 miles on the original brake pads on our current GM.

30th May 2012, 22:50

Shifter cable frayed and stretched, hard to get in gear.

Heard they have a problem with linkage cable.

13th Jun 2012, 17:41

Wow... I have shifting going into 2nd gear problems. Brought it in at least 10 times, and always got the round around. It's a 2007 Civic stick.

4th Jan 2013, 08:26

My Honda Civic 2009 has the same problem. It's the clear paint coating. It disintegrates and eventually the car rusts. Check the web, many people are complaining about the same thing.

Honda extended warranties for 2006-2010 Civics, but the repainting only applies to the hood and the fenders. My problem is the paint on the roof and the trunk. This problem only starts to happen after about 3 years.

A few months after my warranty expired, the spots began to show up. Honda refuses to take credit for their defective paint. This is a serious problem, and you are not the only person that has it.

There were one or two class action suits on this, but from what I've managed to find on the Internet, no one has succeeded as of yet.

13th Sep 2013, 22:56

What is it about owning a Honda that makes people think their car is fast? Many times I've seen Honda's with comical wing spoilers and fart mufflers get outrun by V-6 G.M. and Ford sedans, and soccer mom's in Chrysler mini-vans. I used to have lots of fun myself beating these with my old 3.8 Buick.

Anyway, it's good to see you came to your senses and bought a properly built Dodge. Now you know what real power is like.