16th Aug 2008, 01:21

I must say that I know the feeling. I bought a small Sentra, and I like the gas mileage and handling, but I don't get very excited when I take it for a drive. I spend a lot of effort looking for pot holes, and rough road spots, often swerving hard to avoid the bone jarring ride when I hit one. I do love it when it's time to fill the tank. That's it though.

30th Oct 2008, 07:21

I can fully understand your feelings, I bought a Honda Civic sedan last year, and I can honestly say that this is the most uncomfortable car that I have ever owned.

18th Dec 2008, 14:03

Noise and lack of comfort go with the territory with economy cars. My 98 Civic is loud but inexpensive to fill, uncomfortable but cheap to repair. I won't get rid of my Civic but I certainly won't buy a new one. I want comfort and style for my next purchase, and the current Civic doesn't fit my wants. It's unfortunate the original poster bought his Civic due to the price of fuel, given that gas is half the price it was in the summer.

15th Jan 2009, 02:27

I am the one who posted this Civic, 3 days ago the Civic stalled twice on highway 40 near Quebec city at one o'clock in the morning.. I screamed all alone outside the car at minus 15 celsius in french many words I can't write here.. After many tries I finally succeeded to start it and couldn't go faster than 80 KM\H for next open gas area 30 kilometers away in Trois-Rivières...Filled the gas tank which had 3\8 left, disconnected battery to empty the codes, went home, and never had any problem since.. Hope this was frozen gas lines or water in my gas tank.. But for now I have lost confidence and never go under half a tank.. Called dealer and said with no codes they can't do nothing!!..Gas is now cheaper and I am thinking of getting my Buick back on the road!!

23rd Feb 2009, 09:18

Hi Folks.

I suffer with the same dilemma. Go with a small import with great gas mileage, easy handling and good reliability, or big American cruiser for comfort and safety. Four years ago I test drove a new Civic Coupe, and a used Mercury Grand Marquis with 50k miles. I really liked the "zippiness" of the manual Civic, but went with the big Merc with no regrets.

The Grand Marquis gas mileage averages 22-24mpg (high20's on trips), $200 in repairs (other than tires/batt./shocks), never had brakes put on it.

In terms of trying to save on fuel costs, I'd rather drive a little slower, consolidate errands into one trip and eliminate unnecessary outings, rather than feel trapped in a tiny car in heavy traffic or bad snow storms.

Now with 98,500 on the clock it still runs and looks like new.

Now if I drove 50,000 miles a year, I might feel differently, and be tempted to go with a Civic or Corolla. But maybe not, as used Grand Marquis are plentiful, very reliable and have terrible resale... making them used car bargains! Since they easily go 150k-200k miles, buying one cheap with 50k miles is the way to go, in my situation.

Thanks, Mike.

4th Apr 2009, 06:29

I like Civics, and ours has never broken down on us. It's always got us home, and to wherever we need to be. I don't care if a car "makes me feel good." That's a specious argument when it hurts to pay for gas. I don't particularly care for new cars either. Everyone else can go buy one. The only things I look for in a car are dependability, economy, cargo space. Nothing else really matters (to me). The Civic fits the bill.

5th Apr 2009, 22:57

If it fits your bill, good for you, ever thought of buying a horse!! Like you've written, you don't care, and a horse will do almost the same job with a cargo space to tow, dependable and not that hard on gas, and nobody like you, will care, LOL.

11th Apr 2009, 18:04

Funny, I also owned a car with an LT1, a 1996 Impala SS. Sold it and regret it. Was looking at a small car recently, currently driving a 2005 Impala (wife's car, it's OK). I have yet to find a car that I love to drive as I did the SS. I am wondering why there are so many used 2007-2008 Civics in my area. I speak to people who own them and they seem to accept some small little quirks as if it's normal. I am even more uncertain as what to buy now. Maybe I'll look for a 2004 Marauder or something like the G8. Starting to see just how biased the automobile journalists are.

28th May 2009, 09:36

It's funny how these American car lovers compare V6's and V8's to four cylinder cars. Have you guys ever tried sitting in a Pontiac Sunfire/Pursuit? Or a Cavalier/Cobalt, which are basically the same, or should we compare it to old reliable Dodge Neon LOL. If you drove or even sat in these cars, you would die to go sit back in a Civic.

27th Sep 2009, 10:06

I own a Civic 2008. When I first drove it.. I felt like they had put diesel instead of petrol. It just wouldn't go fast. Uncomfortable too. My next car will definitely be a Cadillac or Jaguar. Comfort is what you need on the road.

12th Oct 2009, 12:45

It's so funny, all these people who went from a Civic to a Cadillac or a Jag, a BMW...and not for a Cavalier, Caliber, Cobalt or even a Focus. (except for the guy on every thread who has this Escort with 400k flawless miles..)

If you didn't like the Civic, why didn't you try one of those cars from the same class?

18th Jan 2012, 00:34

Grand Marquis... One of the few USA cars you'll get 2-300K out of.