2008 Honda Civic EXL 1.8L 140 HP inline 4 from North America


All around good


I'm the 2nd owner of the car.

A/C had a leak in it and was repaired.

Front and rear brakes (rotors and pads), fluid changes, thus far. Really just normal maintenance.

General Comments:

I was given this car for free, so obviously it was too good to pass up. In 2 years of owning it, I have been happy so far. Mine is a 2dr EXL coupe.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2018

2008 Honda Civic Type R 2.0 naturally aspirated from South Africa


A driver's car with performance and reliability that won't let you down


Nothing whatsoever.

General Comments:

This vehicle is built for racing and driving hard every time it is driven, and so with that said, this vehicle does what it was intended to do, as it never fails me and it performs every single day.

The interior was designed for the driver, and I for one can vouch for this. The positioning of the digital speedometer and the size of the rev counter keeps the driver's head up and eyesight on the road, and not looking down trying to find the speedo and rev counter.

This vehicle's feedback thru the steering wheel is unlike any other and is how it should be.

The precision and length of travel to each gear is a real treat to any petrol head.

Consumption? This vehicle is a little bit thirsty with an average of 12 litres per 100km in town and mixed driving.

Performance!? This vehicle's performance is like no other that I have experienced in regards to a naturally aspirated power plant under the hood. The vehicle's exterior design is still very unique to that of the vehicles of late, and I still receive compliments on a weekly basis.

When you accelerate thru the gears, you and the pedestrians know about it, as the exhaust note is loud, unique and astronomical.

This vehicle has a cold air intake as well as a full exhaust system, and lastly software, and it still performs better than a lot of more recent vehicles that make the use of a turbo.

I have owned 5 vehicles from 5 different manufacturers, and this vehicle has surpassed them all in the fields of:

A) Performance

B) Reliability

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Review Date: 12th November, 2016

2008 Honda Civic DX R18 (1.8 I4 SOHC) from North America


Dead reliable and the manual is decently fun

General Comments:

150 000 problem-free km with only routine maintenance. Nothing really special to drive, but the rev-happy R18 paired with the 5MT is pretty fun, with precise but forgiving handling. With snows on it handles beautifully on winter roads. Super predictable driving experience. Curiously, this little beast was starting in -40C with an old ass battery that could barely crank it (measured under 11V!).

This car is a great choice for someone who wants an economical, reliable driving experience without being entirely bored to tears.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2016

2008 Honda Civic from Philippines

General Comments:

The first and last time I rode in a Honda Civic (2006-2011 model) was way back April 6,2010. It belonged to my late uncle's family and we used it to go to his grave. Me, my mom, and my auntie rode in that car from Makati all the way to Himlayang Pilipino, which quite far, although the traffic wasn't that bad. The car is generally comfortable for us. We're used to executive saloons like the Camry, which have roomy interiors, but this car has good legroom considering the fact that it's a compact sedan. This car is also modern because of the layout of the dashboard. This car also has a good radio and is very easy to use.

Until now, they still use this car and they are satisfied with it. They wouldn't replace this with the current model.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2013

2008 Honda Civic EX 1.8 from North America


Fun, reliable car, that looks good and never breaks down


There is a bad clunking noise coming from the steering wheel. Whenever you turn the wheel all the way to the left or right, you feel and hear the clunk through the steering wheel. Something may be loose with the wheels?

Needed new tires when the car is only 4 years old with 20,000 miles on it!

Not so fast; slow from a stop.

Gas mileage isn't the greatest, don't get anywhere near 36 MPG highway.

Right daytime running light burnt out (got it replaced for only $40).

General Comments:

I got this car when I was 18, used with 11,200 miles on it.

The previous owner treated the car bad. The car has dings, dents and scratches all over the bumpers, always heard the clunk from the wheel since day one when I bought it, interior passenger vent broke off, back windows poorly tinted... just not kept very well.

The first time I saw this car, I was in love. Even though the car didn't look so great at first, I still love the car.

The car is quick and handles nice, and it has great room inside for passengers, except for driver's side headroom, which is a little tight.

I put a lot of money for cosmetics including new rims, 1 decal and new tints. I get compliments on the way it looks. Car looks better than ever now, although it still has dings and dents.

The engine NEVER gives me a problem. It starts up every time whenever I need it.

Although I am going to sell it in a couple of years, I will never forget my first car. I just can't beat how reliable and good looking it is!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2012

29th Feb 2012, 00:29

PLEASE HELP!!! I am trying to help my friend out with her 2008 Civic. She got stuck with a lemon; one with many issues, big and small.

It keeps stalling out on the highway or in town at random intervals. She knows nothing about cars, and the car was a gift from her parents. It is unfortunately out of warranty, as she missed an oil change interval, so Honda says she is on her own. The car only has 55000 kms, and I am in Canada.

The dealership won't help. Brought it to 3 garages that specialize in Honda; they can't find the problem either! I've already spent 2 days trying to help her out, getting tired of this. Why are these cars so complicated and hard to fix? On my older cars, I can change spark plugs, distributor, etc.. this one is just impossible to work on yourself. I am running out of patience with this car.

My friend is a student and can't afford expensive repairs in the middle of semester. Anyone have any advice on how to fix the stalling problem?

I heard that it could be solved by using premium gas, but we tried and that didn't work either. Replaced the air filter, did an oil change, added fuel injection cleaner, and still no results. Stalls every 5-10 minutes at any speed regardless.

Any helpful advice is appreciated. Much thanks.

29th Feb 2012, 12:16

Sounds like the fuel pump is going out. It gets hot and will start cutting out. Once it cools down again, it will run for a while.

It could also be the crank positioning sensor.

Also, just because it's a Honda, some people think you can avoid maintenance to the car, which is a big mistake.

My advice to you is to fix it, and sell it if you can't afford the basic maintenance on the car...

29th Feb 2012, 16:39

Thanks a lot for the advice. One repair shop quoted us $1600 to replace the fuel pump and fuel injector system, but they wouldn't guarantee that it would fix the problem either. Wasn't sure whether to trust this shop either.

What is the crank position sensor? Have never heard of this part before, but then again I'm more familiar with older cars. I will definitely get that checked out, thanks a lot.

After my friend's experience, I would never recommend this car to anyone. I've owned a 1987 Prelude and a 1992 Accord, they never had these types of problems until over 250k. Seems like the newer Honda's are garbage. My friend just spent $600 on power window regulators last month, and the car wears through tires quick as the alignment is off; a wheel alignment did not help.

I am going to recommend my friend to sell it as soon as it's fixed, and buy something more reliable. For what this car cost, it has way too many problems at low mileage.

I will keep you updated on the repair work, more advice is appreciated as well!