2008 Honda Civic SE 1.8 vtec from UK and Ireland


Expensive considering the poor quality


Rattles and squeaks from the cabin, and very low quality overall.

General Comments:

Nothing has gone wrong with the car as such, but the experience as a whole is pretty miserable.

I bought this car as I fancied something that looked a bit different, and in that respect it fits the bill perfectly. However, the quality is really quite appalling considering the price (I could have bought a Golf or 1 Series for the price).

The doors are tinny and the handles especially feel cheap, the dashboard rattles from almost every joint, the most annoying of which is around the tachometer.

The seats are uncomfortable over long distance. I regularly drive from Warwickshire to Yorkshire and feel abused at the end of every journey. I believe that this is due to the head restraints, which are inverted towards the neck, consequently forcing the head down.

Indeed, the car is generally unrefined with a very poor ride and much mechanical noise is present, even at town speed.

The dealership is also pretty obnoxious; when I took the car back after a week of ownership to complain about the paint quality (the bonnet appears to be a different colour to the rest of the car), I was told that I was being fussy.

In summary it is clear that this vehicle has been built to a very low price. I cannot understand how this company achieved a reputation for quality. Based on my experience, I would certainly not recommend buying a car from Honda.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2008

8th Sep 2008, 15:01

I'm sorry your purchase has turned out so bad. The latest Civic really doesn't seem to be up to normal Honda standards.

Your review is a timely reminder of some basic rules: 1) Always take an extensive test drive of the car - this would have highlighted your issue with the seats 2) Always inspect the car thoroughly (in good daylight) when you are taking delivery - you have control of the situation until you take the keys - I've had to point out dodgy paint jobs on a couple of cars (neither of them Honda's) in the past.

Finally, if you've got a dodgy dealer, let Honda know or try another Honda dealer. I've stuck with Honda for my last 3 cars, as they really do seem to keep tabs on dealer service. Look at the track record of their dealers on the various consumer surveys - they always come out near top.

Good luck - I hope your problems get sorted, and the car grows on you.

15th Sep 2008, 21:45

We had the worst experience with a Civic of any car we ever owned. And that was one that was built in Japan 19 years ago. It was one of the most poorly made cars we've ever seen.

I think Japanese car quality has never been as good as ad hype makes people believe. We've owned both domestic and imports (including 1 German car) and none of our imports came even remotely close to the reliability and build quality of our Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles.

15th Feb 2009, 07:11

I once owned a 2002 Civic with only 15K miles and still under warranty; the engine rear main leaked oil, took it to the dealer and they refused the warranty repair because I used synthetic oil, so that's it! Traded it in on another brand and NO MORE Honda's for me!

29th Sep 2009, 04:44

Maybe your Hondas are breaking cause you bought your Hondas that were made in the USA? The 90's Hondas were the years that Honda really made their name, but were they built in America or shipped to America?

Oh and by the way nice joke on the Chrysler and GM being reliable, haha very funny, as we all know they're not.

18th Jul 2010, 17:05

I presume that your car is British made?

9th Nov 2010, 14:14

My 2008 Civic engine blew at 36,000 miles, it was replaced and now, less than a month later, my check engine light and tire pressure light are both on. I have had nothing but problems after I hit 30,000 miles. I bought it for gas mileage and reliability. When running, the gas mileage is good. That is about all I have good to say about it.

2008 Honda Civic Si 2.0 from North America


Nice looking small car


Very good so far.

General Comments:

Handles well, not that comfortable, nice feeling of reliability, thought it would be quicker, very nice interior. I don't feel safe going fast in this tiny sheet metal little car.

Bit disappointed, for the price I have paid, I thought I would have more than what I had, I am not talking about quality which this Honda has definitely on the good side, but about comfort and power. I don't have the feeling that I've made a good buy.

It is just a nice mean of transportation, not a fast comfortable one. I don't think I will ever take the Honda for a long ride.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2008

2nd Sep 2008, 12:01

If you think that the Honda Civic isn't comfortable enough for a long ride then I guess you've never owned an original air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle, or any other small car for that matter!

28th Oct 2008, 22:48

My Honda Civic literally self-destructed in only 5 years of perfectly maintained (expensive) and easy driving. Never felt safe in that car EVER, probably because I wasn't. Bought me a Ford truck and never looked back. Ford treats me excellent and the truck is as tough as nails - NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER and I finally feel safe.