2008 Honda Civic EX Coupe 1.8 from North America


No regrets



General Comments:

I look forward to driving this car every day. I love the sporty style of the coupe and the interior has been well thought out. Surprising amount of back seat room as well for the trunk.

I test drove the Yaris, Corolla, and Altima, and the Honda I thought had the best balance of styling, options, and fuel economy.

It's not meant to be a luxury car or a rocket off the line, but it handles very well, stops excellent, and with the silky smooth engine I can pass most everyone going up Mt. Hood winding up the pass at about 75 MPH.

The 350 watt, 7 speaker stereo sounds incredible, and I really like the auto volume control that turns up or down the volume depending on your speed.

The EX package is a great value and includes 4 wheel disc brakes, moon roof, 16" alloy wheels, (I hate hub caps!) 350 watt stereo, a big chrome exhaust exit, rear and front stabilizer bars and of course power windows.

This Honda drives precise and tight, although there is some road noise when the stereo is turned down.

I have been getting 33 MPG in town and about 39 on a trip to Seattle recently. I expect even better fuel mileage once the car is fully broken in.

Honda recommends not changing their break-in oil until the oil change indicator gets 10% oil life left, about 7000 miles. I just couldn't do it and had it changed at 2700 miles. To my understanding the break-in oil has a high molly content, but with even with modern engine manufacturing there has got to be some wear in the break-in stage, and I want the extra metals out of my oil.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2008

2008 Honda Civic DX-A 1.8 from North America


Only for gas prices and reliability


Nothing, been very good so far.

General Comments:

I have bought the Civic knowing that it would be a good reliable and cheap on gas car, and that's all!! I bought it five weeks ago, and didn't take long to confirm that I knew what I have bought. But I will seriously try to like it, even if I think to sell it almost every day.

My teenage girl loves it, but me, NO WAY!! I feel in this car like I am everyone else, this car has no heart, no soul, So why did I buy it?, darn gas price here in Canada!

I had many new cars in my life, and couldn't wait to have them, but this one took me more than a week before I went to take it at the dealer, they couldn't understand!

Let me tell you that this is my first very small car, and I kept my 2 Buick Roadmaster with LT1 against all my family and friend's advice. In these Buicks I feel I'm on vacation or a king, and no Honda on earth can beat the ultimate supremacy of comfort, style, in a tank feeling, and above all, POWER! At 100 KPH, even downshifting in third, the Civic is way behind my big Buicks when pushing the engine with 4 of my friends and A/C on, it will never match !!.. even knowing that my Buicks are less reliable, and a lot heavier than the Civic, the Buick will sure beat the Honda in durability and forever in better style.

Since I have the Honda, I knew that the seats would be uncomfortable and I still try to like them.. reliable (supposedly!), good on gas, good handling, good for teens and that's all!!..

Who said that these stock Honda could beat a big car V8, I will sure show them the truth!! These Hondas are what you can buy when you're on budget and can't afford better, even if the others are less reliable.. Still have 46 painful payments, but I have learned after two that you should not listen or do like everyone else, drive what you like, not what they try to convince you what is a supposedly a good car.. drive what you feel is good for you, and you won't like me.. regret your purchase.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2008

15th Aug 2008, 13:01

I hate to throw even MORE rain on your parade, but my one (and thankfully ONLY) experience with the Civic DID NOT indicate that it was even remotely reliable either. It did get decent fuel mileage, but soon made up for fuel savings by consuming a quart of oil every 3 weeks. At just over 40,000 miles the frightfully expensive CV joints were clattering so loud that you could barely hear the tinny little radio. The under-engineered brake pads required replacing every few thousand miles, the hood release cable broke, and at just under 100,000 miles the engine totally self-destructed. It was sold to a scrap dealer.

I later bought a 2001 Ford Focus ZX-3, which got equally good mileage, was much faster and sportier, was far more comfortable and didn't feel like you were driving a refrigerator or a toaster. It was a CAR, not an appliance.

It never required a single repair during the entire time we owned it.

I'm sorry you got taken in by ad hype and obviously biased automotive "experts". It happens to a lot of us. It won't happen to me again.