2008 Honda Civic G from North America


Value car, and it's beginning to show it


The doors do not stay propped open when I am unloading and unloading children.

The driver'ss side lock will not accept the key. I am forced to crawl thru the passenger side to unlock my door.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2010

2008 Honda Civic Si 2.0L iVTEC from North America


Great little sporty coupe


- Slight creak in middle front dash since I purchased the car, when driving over small bumps on the road.

- At speeds above 120km/h, some odd creaking noise starts near the front driver's side speaker.

(These are minor. They do not bother me but I had to write something!)

General Comments:

I knew exactly what to expect when buying this car, and it was everything I ever asked for. Read all the reviews and youtube test drives of this car before buying.

Handling is sporty, suspension is stiff but comfortable for a daily driver (which mine is, I drive 35,000kms annually) Interior quality is great and looks nice for a base model car.

Gas mileage is good. Better than rated. I'm getting 28-29MPG driving somewhat aggressive, and have reached 33MPG, doing mostly highway and shifting below 5k rpm's, using only 91 octane.

Now for my favorite part. The K20 engine and trans. It LOVES high rpm's, and the 6spd shifter paired with limited slip diff is one of the best I've ever experienced; SUPER smooth and precise. Acceleration is below avg compared to rivals such as the Mazdaspeed3 or Cobalt SS, but I'm happy with it.

Also mods are endless; tons of possibilities if you're into that.

Downsides: Paint chips and scratches easily. Back seats are tight for leg and head room, but still functional for short trips. Runs on 91octane if that's a problem for those gas saving misers out there.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2010

29th Oct 2010, 14:31

"Acceleration is below avg compared to rivals such as the Mazdaspeed3 or Cobalt SS, but I'm happy with it."

Are those two cars really rivals when they have a 66 and 63 HP advantage, respectively, over your Si? I'd say they are both a step up in performance for sure!

2008 Honda Civic EX 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Sporty looks and a nice place to be!


There is a minor rattle from either the ceiling or a pillar in the front passenger-side of the car. I plan to get the dealer to have a look next time I'm there.

I'm not convinced that the front bumper is mounted correctly on the driver's side. The panel gap on that side isn't uniform, and the bumper sticks out below the headlight. Again, not a big issue, and I'll get the dealer to check it.

General Comments:

I got the Image Pack with this car so it looks quite sporty with splitters and a spoiler - more akin to the Type R than the standard Civic.

Good equipment levels in the EX with parking sensors, headlight washers, bluetooth, climate control, hands-free voice control, satellite navigation, mp3 CD player, etc, etc.

Not the most forgiving suspension I've ever encountered, however it is OK.

So versatile - I have the 5 door version and the rear seats folding down as well as up, creating a huge loading space, and the ability to carry tall items in the rear of the cabin.

I got the 1.8, which is adequate for in and out of town. I've had quicker cars, however with a K&N air filter and Shell V-Power, this car delivers comparable to my old 2.0 Focus.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2010

9th Jul 2010, 07:51

Found the source of the rattle: the front passenger-side seat belt socket is vibrating off the centre console. Grrrr! I have stuck some rubber onto the back of the socket now and no more noise!

2008 Honda Civic LX 1.8L from North America


Bloody uncomfortable for the slim driver!!!


The Civic seats are the WORST ever!!! First they have been sculptured for fat asses, so slim drivers just slide around in them, and second they cause massive right hip pain. The back of the seat by contrast is very good.

All else I am very satisfied with, especially when going past a semi tractor trailer on the freeway in the rain. Most cars end up with the wash blinding them when passing a semi. NOT with the Civic! Somehow with its advanced aerodynamics, the rain goes anywhere but on the windshield.

So Honda, to win my support back, you had better provide a better driver's seat for comfort versus economy. I am sure you have the know-how to come up with a great supportive and ergonomically designed seat that doesn't cost an arm and a leg unlike a Recaro.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2010