5th Apr 2009, 09:18

I have a 2006 Civic and have driven it to FL, two times and find it to be the best auto I have ever had! And I am 78 years young and have had just about every auto out there, starting with a 1928 Ford for $50 bucks. Buy the way I get 35mpg city and over 40mpg hwy, Cost for gas this year from Cleveland to Orlando FL $50.55.

16th Aug 2009, 22:34

I think civics are very reliable and trustworthy, my boyfriend had his 08 Civic for a year and then flipped it over a bluff and totaled it, but thanks to the side curtain air bags, he got out of the car without any injuries.

27th Aug 2009, 20:32

I guess American's are just to used to floaty suspensions and poor handling.

I like my Civic. Used it for a trip up to Winter Harbor, Maine (about 450 miles North of my hometown) on the trip up, I was carrying 3 people and all of their stuff, plus two bicycles on a bike rack, I thought it was really comfortable. Put the cruise control on and sailed up there in about 5 hours (stopped a few times to go to the bathroom) and I got 38 MPG as well. On the way back down, I had 4 people in it (picked up my son and brought him home with me as well) and we had even MORE stuff to bring. We still had the bikes on the back. We did end up riding with some stuff in the backseat, but it was still fairly comfortable. I got 36 MPG on the trip back down.

I'm 67 years old by the way, so I too was used to the floaty suspensions of Cadillac's and what not, but I love my Civic. It doesn't ride as well as those vehicles, however, you have to take into account the fact that those are LUXURY vehicles, the Civic is an econo-car.

As for the digital speedometer, that's probably my favorite part! I love having the digital read out, makes it much easier to see how fast I'm going.

I haven't had any problems with my Civic in the 27,000 miles that I have owned it, and it's probably one of the best vehicles I've ever owned.