5th Aug 2003, 05:43

I too get the loud vibrating noise from the same spot. What was the dealer's explanation for this if you got one?

5th Feb 2004, 21:38

I also get a vibrating noise from the engine when driving in wet conditions from my '01 LX. Has anyone identified and/or resolved this problem?

29th May 2005, 08:36

I am having some of the same problems with my car, 2001 civic (LX) Manual Coupe. I first started having the problem with stalling out at 12000 miles. I took it into the dealership and the best answer they could come up with was "You might have gotten bad gas." The problem continued, but would only occur every now in then, it wasn't constant. Now that my warranty has expired, the problem is continuous, and the dealership still cannot locate the problem. I cannot drive my car unless I unplug the the Idle Air Control Valve. Having it unplugged provides a jerky- not so smooth- drive, but it doesn't stall out. Given that information you would think that they could find and fix the problem, but no, it still sits at the dealership shop.


2nd Nov 2005, 09:23

OOOOH no, don't even blame this on being built in the USA! It's a Japanese car, Japanese parts, Japanese quality!

9th Sep 2007, 15:17

I can relate with original march 4th, 2003 comment. My 2001 exhibited many of those symptoms and more. The drivers side headlight had to be replaced twice. The trunk and front hood wouldn't open quarter panels and bumpers were found misshapen. My tires and brakes have been replaced at least 3 times. Car only has 140,000 KM. Probably cost about $15,000 CDN to correct defects. Finally the last straw... summer 2007 the frame bent the worst I've seen it. I'm done with my 2001 Civic, but I'm going to replace it with a 2004 or a 2008 Civic SE, have to decide yet. Much investigating revealed the root cause of the the failures and Honda was exonerated. The common denominator is a classic case of being in the right place at the wrong time. Now anybody want to take ownership of 2 early 20's adults... :)

18th Jun 2011, 16:28

It is the idle air control valve. This is what is causing your problems. I have a Civic, and had the same issues. It is something that is very common on Civics. This should fix many of your stalling/idling problems and when the IACV is gone, it will cause your automatic transmission to shift much harder at times, due to improper air intake, etc.

Hope this helps and best of luck!