2001 Honda Civic LX 4 door sedan 1.7L from North America


An expensive lemon!


Automatic Transmission stalls when coming to stop, replaced air flow thingy sensor, still stalls.

Automatic transmission skips when decelerating then accelerating, dealer says is common.

Automatic transmission has loud clicking sound when going through gears.

Front springs break over every pothole.

Knocking sounds from front suspension.

Rear suspension squeaks.

Brakes needed replacement at 27000 miles

(I am not an aggressive driver)

Tires needed replacement at 27000 miles

(I take the curves nice and slow)

Fuel gauge erratic.

Car is hard to start sometimes.

When going through puddles loud vibrating sound from right front engine area, and reduced power. Going to dealer tomorrow.

Idle has had to been reset numerous times, still idles to low then stalls, dealer does not see problem because "they cannot re-create it"

Both front shocks have been replaced due to default.

Bagel left in-between my coolant system hoses after servicing, thanks guys nice and toasty.

Reduced power, car now half as powerful than when first purchased.

Eats through gas like I own a Lincoln Navigator, dealer did a tune up, cost me 500 bucks (US).

General Comments:

Potholes become back-jarring experiences.

Overall handling of car is very poor.

Interior noise is like being in a rocket during liftoff.

Don't try and haul friends anywhere, no power to get up hills, or get onto highways.

Glass windows rattle over smoth road.

About ten pieces of the dashboard rattle, driving me crazy.

Radio volume control erratic, to loud or to soft, no medium.

I need an armrest.

Seats are not supportive enough for long drives.

Big dent from my hood being warped, very cheaply made.

Car covered with sap when received from dealer, dealer blamed it on me.

Scratch on inside of windshield during first 600 miles, dealer again blamed it on me. (I believe whoever prepped my car had a diamond ring that did the damage)

Cabin material is very cheap.

For the price of the car I expect a lot more.

I could care less for my car, if I had the money to buy another I would. It seemed everyone was happy with their Honda, so I bought one. Man am I disapointed. This car is an absolute lemon, it does not desrve to be called a Honda. I will never buy another Honda, this car has been back to the dealer almost every month I have owned the car. What a disapointment!

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Review Date: 4th March, 2003

21st Apr 2003, 12:05

Steven, what are you the general manager down at GM? I read about 30 reviews on this car and all are mostly positive with no major defects or engine problems. Sounds like you bought the car from hell my friend! Any who good luck trying to sell you crap box if it is in fact as bad as you say it is. Good funny comments though I must say. Rock n' roll man!

2001 Honda Civic 2 door LX Coupe 1.7 from North America


OK car, but customer satisfaction is terrible


The map light would stick in the on position, and it took the dealership two attempts to repair it.

The seatbelt on the passenger side front, locks for no apparent reason, and can only be released by taking it off and letting it fully retract.

Sometimes the car will crank over longer than normal before it starts.

My drivers side window shattered over night when the temperature went down to -23. When I went out to the car in the morning, the glass was buckling out, being held together only by the tint film.

The automatic transmission leaves something to be desired. The only cure I have found is to lock it out of overdrive in the city, and shift manually when getting on the highway.

General Comments:

It seems that anything that is a warranty issue is an up hill battle to get fixed for free.

The dealership seems more intent on up-selling oil changes and tire rotations than in actual customer service.

When I took the car in for the map light and seat belt issue, they tried to sell me tire rotation, only because of the mileage on the car; I had just had aftermarket tires and wheels installed about 1 week previous to this episode.

When I went to pick up the car, I was told that they could not simulate the problem with the seat belt, so they did nothing with that, however they did take this opportunity to present me with a bill for $30 for repairing the map light. On my way home I noticed that the radio station had been changed, however the clock was not reset to the proper time.

The morning that I found the broken window, I took it straight to an insurance approved glass shop, since I knew that the dealership would only contract the work out.

I called the service manager at the dealership from work, only to wait for him to return my call.

He was unable to find record of me or my car, and told me to contact Honda Canada.

When I contacted Honda Canada, she told me that she had not heard of any problems with "side glass" breaking, and even though there was no sign of an attempt to break into the car and that the glass was bulging out "this was an insurance issue". To take pictures and send them to her, however it is 3 hours after dropping the car off at the glass shop, and by this time they were only waiting for the new glass to arrive to reinstall it.

If any one else has had similar problems, please contact me by email bill.kim@sympatico.ca

Thank you.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2002