2001 Honda Civic EX Gasoline from North America


A disaster waiting to happen!


This is the second time the two front strut is rattling; the P.S. Honda Manhasset, LI NY advised me that the parts were ordered and may take some time.

I am grateful for the services provided by this place. They're excellent!!! They will inform the customer that the damage is covered by warranty, compared to other service dealers that does otherwise. Nowadays it is hard to find honest people.

General Comments:

I am very disappointed with this car (Civic 2001), I have a definite plan to trade this car once they're done fixing the problem. I do not want to wait for another 10 or 12 months. I feel like getting the Honda Element. Any comments for this van?

I need a 4 wheel drive for my 9 mo. old baby! I have a CRV and Oddysey is not a 4 wheel drive van. by the way I live in NY.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2003

2001 Honda Civic EX 4 cylinder from North America


I won't buy another one


Brakes failed twice within the first year and less than 10,000 miles.

Gas gauge is inaccurate.

Knuckle bars had to be replaced.

Seats rock.

Emission light continues to come on.

The car has numerous rattles, unlike any Honda I've ever owned.

My gas mileage is far below what was advertised for the car.

General Comments:

I have owned Honda's for the past twenty years. I have never had any trouble with my Honda's until I purchased this 2001 Civic EX. The word "lemon" comes to mind.

I do not like the clutch on this car either. It does not have much play and the car is constantly dying. I've been driving manual cars for 30 plus years and I have never seen a clutch like this one!

I just took my Honda into the shop for a clanking noise that it continues to make. I finally got a response as to the nature of this noise. I was told that Honda is aware of the noise and they don't know what it is, or how to fix it, but they are "researching" it. He said that it does have something to do with the brakes. My dealer tells me that it is not a safety threat. I am concerned since my brakes did go out twice within the first year.

If you add all the service calls for all the Honda's I've ever owned, they would not add up to the number of problems I've had with this Honda.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2003

24th Sep 2003, 23:29

Although the new Civics really suck, the side airbag will NOT deploy no matter what you do to the seat. A switch HAS to trip in order for the airbags to deploy, you could smash a hammer through the side airbag and it WILL NOT deploy, so don't worry about anything. About all it would do is NOT deploy in an accident.

2001 Honda Civic LX from North America


Overall: economical, but nothing fancy. No performance capabilities and no bells & whistles.


The car is extremely loud inside when driving over 45 mph.

The tires and rims that came on the car (after market, not stock) are very expensive to rotate, balance, replace.

Pot holes, even when going over at low speeds, excessively shake the entire car.

Radio and CD head unit have never worked; dealer takes no responsibility.

Interior has not held up well.

Cannot run air conditioner and gain speed at the same time; have to turn off air to get up a hill when starting from a still position.

Comfort of the car is non-existent. No where to rest arms at all. There is no comfortable position for me in relation to the pedals (either too close to the steering wheel or too far away from the pedals).

General Comments:

I have owned an Accord, Prelude and another Civic. I have never been as disappointed with any of the other cars; however, this one I am not very pleased with overall.

I do not typically used Honda dealers for service due to the expensive cost. When this car was under warranty, I did arrange for necessary service at a dealership. Based on the level of "valued customer service" that I receive.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2003