2001 Honda Civic DX 1.7L from North America


Boring car with boring styling and minimal performance but great gas mileage!


Nothing, Honda reliability. The upside to Honda ownership.

General Comments:

This car is what is... Reliable, cheap transportion. Oh and its environmentally friendly for you green peace supporters among us. Basically not much fun.

There's not much fun here.

The standard transmission adds a touch of fun to the mix, but it is minor as the car is a weak performer.

I know some people will get there hands on these and attempt to make rice rockets out of these less than sporty sedans.

I can see the body kits and oversized wings that are functional (yeah, right!) adorning this new bread of Civic.

Save your money and just drive it. If you want a nice looking fast car there are much, much better platforms out there. Just let these cars be, like I said the are what they are.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2003

20th Jun 2003, 07:13

Has no right to comment? Isn't that the whole point of this website?

Type R apart, the Civic is a dull little appliance. As are most Hondas.

2001 Honda Civic EX Sedan 1.7 from North America


Poor Quality Bad Mileage


Tire sidewalls failed at 8000 miles.

Ongoing poor mileage, as low as 14.9 mpg and averaging 18 mpg. Highest mileage was 27 on the highway. I use regular gas (premium causes problems).

Air condition malfunctions sporadically.

Engine hesitates at 2500 and 3500 RPM.

Engine occasionally loudly misfires in the intake plenum.

Front and rear suspension clunking noise upon turns or braking. No doubt there are loose suspension parts.

Front seat very loose.

Paint of very poor and inconsistent quality.

Very pronounced gasoline smell in cabin after fill-ups (I am careful not to overfill)

Rubber air dam fell off at 2000 miles.

Electric locks howl when used.

General Comments:

Great legroom and space for large adults.

Great acceleration, although lack of torque requires constant high revving.

Engine noise is pronounced in cabin at all times, due to loud motor, no insulation and design of wheel wells that amplifies engine and road noise.

Quality of the car is awful. After 15 months of ownership I have found that I cannot rely on it, and will be replacing it soon.

Dealerships are beyond uncaring; they are insolent and insulting. Like others who have posted here, I have been told that I am driving the car wrong et al, and even in the face of actual dealer staff reporting the same problems with their Civics in my presence, the service advisors deny the problems' existence.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2003

22nd Apr 2003, 11:23

I feel your pain. I have litigation against Honda and a local dealership for very similar problems as yours. Keep the steady. You are not alone.

22nd Feb 2005, 14:11

We too have a 2001 Honda Civic and am also experiencing EXCEPTIONALLY poor mileage! I would guess at times as low as 10 MPG! I've freshly changed both engine and transmission fluids with no improvement. Any ideas? Email me at cursedearthpizza@gmail.com.

2001 Honda Civic LX 4-dr 1.7 from North America


Amazingly well-rounded car, but with atrocious stock tires


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with this car. It's been back to the dealer only for oil changes.

General Comments:

Stock all-season tires are horrible (Firestone 185/70SR14). In fact, they are likely the worst tires I've ever had on a vehicle. Grip is treacherous in the wet (forget snow) and handling sloppy in the dry. Cornering at high speed feels like you're riding on giant donuts. At 34,000km tread is down to 1/3 of new. Will be replacing soon with tires of much higher quality.

With my snow tires (Michelin Pilot Arctic Alpin 195/55HR15) handling is crisp, sharp and easily controlled. The difference is so dramatic that it feels like a different car. With these tires (keeping in mind they're snow tires) the car corners flatly and safely at ridiculous speeds. The suspension does an amazing job of keeping the wheels on the ground, considering the roads in Vancouver resemble dried-out riverbeds.

This car is the most stable I've driven on compact-snow-covered highways (obviously with snow tires).

Rear suspension feels stiffer than many pick-up trucks I've been in when going over speedbumps. However, once up to speed the ride smooths out.

Fuel economy is between 450-600km on 40 litres of fuel, depending on city/highway/mixed driving.

Paint on hood and front bumper seems to chip easily, but then again this was noticed after an encounter with a highway sanding truck that I got stuck behind.

Although controls/seat/armrest/shifter fit my body shape perfectly (5'9"), this is not always the case for taller people. As a point of reference, the controls in a VW Golf (unfortunately) do not fit me well.

If you're not afraid to rev the engine to within an inch of its life, performance will not disappoint.

This is my third new Honda in 8 years and I've never been left stranded or been presented with any surprise bills.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2003