2001 Honda Civic LX 1.7 Liter SOHC 16v 4 cylinder from North America


Overall, a good economical car


Our trunk has water leaks on both sides of the car.

The car overall has been mechanically good.

General Comments:

The first thing I was disappointed about was air noise coming from around the passenger doors above 50 MPH.

The car performs great and I love scooting around town in it.

Our only problem is the leak in the trunk. We have narrowed it down to underneath the fender-wells on both sides when driven in the rain. I hate having the inconvenience of taking it to the shop even though we have the warranty. That's the reason we bought a Honda, so we wouldn't be in the shop.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2001

8th Jan 2002, 07:24

The leak into your trunk is coming from a missing gasket around the gas filler neck. I had this same problem with my car and the dealership discovered that the gasket that goes between the filler neck and the fender was left out at the factory.

16th Aug 2005, 12:14

I too own a 2001 Civic LX. I have several problems with it even though it is still in the 30k range. I noticed that the gas meter does not read my gas accurately. It will say I have half a tank and before I know it the gas light is on, or it will say I have a quarter of a tank and the next time I am in my car it will say three-quarters. Basically it is completely unreliable. Further, I only get about 20 mpg and that is mostly highway. Secondly, I am not a heavy girl and my seat is falling apart, that plastic thing on the side popped out and I cannot get it back in. Further, my air conditioning only works sometimes. That is, sometimes it is unbearebly cold while other times I can have it on full intensity and I am still roasting. These are a few of the many problems I have with my young pup.

2001 Honda Civic VTi 1.7 SOHC VTEC from Egypt


A superb, unique car in every way


Absolutely nothing so far. The Civic has proved as reliable as it can possibly be.

General Comments:

The 2001 Civic is the finest car in this class.

The latest 1.7L variable valve timing engine offering is incredibly smooth, quiet and economical.

Very spacious on the inside, compact on the outside.

Only real complaint is that the Civic, especially the 1.7L, is very expensive to buy and maintain in Egypt due to the high taxation and costly spare parts.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2001

18th May 2002, 16:03

I agree that Honda cars sold in Egypt are too expensive to buy and to maintain, but, however, you always get what you pay for in the end. Hondas are famous for their engineering brilliance, and all have a VERY high record of reliability. VTEC engines are not only the smoothest and most technically challenging around, but also provide an interesting mix of GREAT performance and excellent economy.

Currently, I own two Civics: a 1994 1.6 Si Auto 4-door and a 2001 1.7 VTI Auto 4-door (both painted in metallic silver). Absolutely nothing has went wrong so far with both cars.

Civics are a delight to drive and to own, and boost a high image and REAL breath-taking all-the-way-to-the-red-line performance.

2001 Honda Civic VTi-S 1.7 litre VTEC from Australia and New Zealand


An absolute bloody bargain


Nothing has gone wrong, but the car has been recalled to have the side airbag fixed.

General Comments:

Awesome car, it is safe with 4 airbags, ABS braking and side intrusion.

VERY fast (I have left BMW 740iL's for dead at the lights), extremely comfortable on long distances, I also like the heated seats and climate control, they keep me warm even when I am driving in my underwear at midnight!!!

Although it looks a bit frumpy parked next to my boss's Peugeot 307.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2001

2001 Honda Civic HX 1.7 VTEC-E from North America


If I could, I would take this car to bed with me


Too new - no problems.

General Comments:

The VTEC-E engine combined with the Continuously Variable Transmission is a pleasure to drive.

The steering centers well, but is a little over boosted.

A long trip with four adults got rave reviews for comfort. The floor in the back is flat and there is lots of knee room.

A first tank of gas with mostly city driving yielded 35 miles per gallon.

0 - 60 MPH is 8.3 seconds.

Lateral acceleration is .78 g.

Top speed is 112 (limited).

Passing on the highway is extremely quick.

The radio/cassette has 80W RMS into four speakers and boasts state of the art controls.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2001

19th Jul 2001, 22:49

You made a great choice. Did you ever consider the manual transmission? It gets even better gas mileage than the CVT. The CVT is pretty smooth though I guess. At highway speeds (70mph) what RPM does the 1.7L lean-burn engine spool up too? Just curious. I think I'm going to get an HX but it'll be a manual.

9th Aug 2001, 10:11

Hi, I thought the 2001 HX worked on natural gas instead of regular gasoline. I also have a 2000 HX 5 speed and at 70MPH in 5th it has I would say 2700-2800 Rpm. How did you come up with the 0-60 of 8.3?

6th Sep 2002, 02:37

Just bought one... I am stoked $800 and you can sup these up. Automatic sucks, but hey it's a sweet looking car.

19th Nov 2009, 13:48

I bought a new 2001 HX Coupe in Clover Green Metallic. As you say, the CVT combined with the VTECe engine is quite quick. I changed the tires to 195/14 Turanzas for more road holding and a quieter ride. Added to this is an underhood sound dampener, washable foam air cleaner, sound damping for the trunk, undercoating in the wheel wells and extra padding under the floor carpets. I changed the plugs to three point platinum. I change the transmission fluid every other oil change. I was told that this extends the life of the CVT significantly. I have 62K miles and will keep this wonderful car forever. I also like the '10 Insight.