3rd Jun 2004, 17:13

My name is Tasos. I'm from Greece. I have a Civic Type R B16B. I want to know if the engine works better with the filter box or with a sport filter. Tell me as soon as possible.

10th Nov 2004, 22:15

The Honda Civic Type R is the fastest civic. It gives you a DOHC with a 180hp out of a 160, because of the Type R engine. I heard it's suppose to hit 200hp, but who knows. Give it a K&N Typhoon filter, high performance exhaust, change the stock pipe, add headers, expand the cylinders, put Bosch platinum 4 spark plugs, add performance wires, add the Tornado filter with the K&N, fly wheel, high performance oil, carbon fiber hood, and last, but not least the turbo. With all that you will get 300 - 400 horses of power, depending on the turbo.

30th Nov 2007, 08:28

The EK9 Civic Type R (B16B 1600cc DOHC VTEC) produces 185bhp and has a redline of 8500rpm. It is an awesome track machine in stock form, very light and nimble, excellent handling for a FWD car with plenty of power for such a small hatch.

The stock airbox with a free flowing panel filter is by far the best induction setup for this engine. You can improve upon it by using a Spoon Direct Air Flow pipe, which removes the stock upper resonator and improves throttle response.

To the above comment about turbo's etc... How do you expand the cylinders, use a K&N typhoon, add performance headers and turbocharge the B16B which is a very high compression engine, and not suited for Forced Induction?

The EK9 Civic Type R was only sold in Japan (the lucky buggers), is based on the EK4 Civic VTi/SiR, but with less sound proofinf, improved chassis and a higher compression engine, higher lift cams with improved intake/exhaust and a factory ported and polished head. It comes with a red Recaro interior as standard and white 15" lightweight wheels (Enkei I think?)

It has massive residual value, and is supposedly faster than the EP3 CTR, although I've not been lucky enough to drive an EK9 yet.

All in all, an excellent performance car and really only for serious Honda enthusiasts as it is quite noisy, has a firm ride, and not many creature comforts. Highly recommended!

22nd Nov 2017, 23:41

Absolutely spot on. The EK9 Type R is a giant killer. I have a dedicated racecar EK9 which weighs just 950kg with full cage and a modded (but NA) engine which delivers 221 reliable horsepower. Has won the last two Targa Rallies in the 2 litre class.