2001 Honda CR-V LX Honda B20Z 2.0L 4 cylinder DOCH from North America


A great compromise between car and SUV, with a somewhat underpowered engine


The front disc brakes needed to be re-machined soon after purchasing the vehicle to correct a shudder through the steering column due to warped rotors.

Other than this, nothing has gone wrong with the vehicle.

General Comments:

The CR-V is a great vehicle for people who want a higher ride than a sedan, more room than a typical car while maintaining good fuel economy.

I routinely get about 26 miles to the gallon driving stop/start traffic on my commute 5 days a week.

The fuel tank is somewhat small (15 gallons) and I usually get about 350-375 miles out of the tank before I fill it again (12.5 gallons or so).

On a long freeway trip, I managed to get it to about 29 miles to the gallon, but see notes below.

The 2.0 litre engine is not very strong, and pushing the vehicle up Tejon pass (Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles) while maintaining 70 miles an hour is challenging. The same could be said for any semi-steep highway-speed road grade, as I have had similar experiences over Cajon pass (I-15 towards the Mojave).

The engine can and will get the car to 70MPH up the grade, but the automatic cannot hold any more than about 55 in 4th gear, and in 3rd gear the engine jumps to about 5,500rpm and pushes readily back to 70 miles per hour while decimating the fuel economy.

The high engine and road noise in the cabin (a common complaint among CR-V owners) combined with the high level of RPMs needed to get this car up any major hill have lead my family to dub it the "UV", as in a "Sport Utility Vehicle" without the "Sports" part - there's nothing sporty about it.

The cabin is somewhat sparse and a little boring, but the car is very reliable and runs like clockwork day in and day out. Aside from the brake rotor, an oil change every 4,000 miles is all the maintenance I have done.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2006

2001 Honda CR-V from North America


Loved the car, but may not buy another one


Air conditioner compressor blew up at 44,700 miles. What is going on with Honda? Where is the reliability?

General Comments:

Great car, but come on - is this a design problem?

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Review Date: 4th July, 2006

2001 Honda CR-V LX 4 cylinder Gas from North America


It's a Honda, what more can you say!


Have not had any problem with this vehicle. It starts and runs faithfully.

I have found the speedometer to be slow. Have had a GPS running and at an indicated 100 kph the vehicle is actually only travelling 93 kph. While this helps in the speeding ticket department it is a bit annoying.

Also the 5 speed is low geared and I think a higher 5th gear would go a long way to a better cruising rpm and lowering of engine noise at highway speed. The strong engine could handle it I am sure.

General Comments:

This is a great little Utility vehicle. With the all wheel drive our winter ice and snow are just another road surface which it handles easily.

This is not the type of vehicle that you would do any serious off road driving on, but will easily pull its own weight on back country roads and trails.

The CRV is peppy and takes on city or highway traffic with ease.

As noted by others road noise is a factor and engine noise noticeable after 100 kph (60 mph)

Overall it is a Honda, it is clean, simple, efficient, and reliable. It is all that you expect and more.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2006

10th Jul 2014, 08:39

"Have had a GPS running and at an indicated 100 kph the vehicle is actually only travelling 93 kph." - Why do you think it's your speedometer's fault? GPS always shows a different speed. The satellite is thousands of miles away. Of course there will be delays and errors.