2001 Honda CR-V EX from North America


Reliable, Versatile, A great SUV


I have not had any repairs on the car to date. The only time it sees the dealer/service department is for routine maintenance.

The only thing I have found that I would repair if I could is car noise. I am often checking to see if the windows are closed because of wind noise. They are usually closed.

General Comments:

A reliable car at 50 degrees below zero and 90 degrees above.

I have slept in the back with the rear seats down and on the passenger seat-rear seat laid out as a bed. Both a more comfortable alternative than the ground.

Car is roomy enough for my 6'4" son to sit in the back seat or front seat. However, when he drives, his knees are up by the steering wheel.

I am not always the fastest start when the light turns green, but I can make it up steep hills and pass cars on the highway when I need to.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2005

2001 Honda CR-V EX 2.0L from North America


Very reliable and handy


There have been *no* issues with the car. I had the dealer replace the rear "dual pump fluid" for the rear end at 72K miles. Other than changing the spark plugs (myself - easy to do), it's a trooper. Just gas it up and go. It even has the original brakes!!!

General Comments:

It's not a race car, so don't expect to be the first one off the line. Newer models have more horsepower. The 2001 has adequate power.

The seats are pretty comfortable. They do as good a job on long trips as any car seat I have ridden in. (Let's face it - 8 hours in a car... nothing is comfortable!)

Fold the seats in the rear down and you can get an amazing amount of stuff in the rear. It's not quite a pickup, but close.

I get 25mpg on the freeway. Not bad.

Perhaps it's not the quietest vehicle on the road in the cabin. Engine noise gets prominent over 65 mph. Road noise is always present.

Handling is more like a car than a truck. Some body lean in corners, but considering it's an SUV, it's very responsive. Bumps are more likely to be heard than felt. In general, the response is very predictable. Moderate under-steer at the beginning of corners, progressing to over-steer near the limit of cornering.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2004

2001 Honda CR-V LX 2.0 from North America


Comfortable and reliable


The brakes needed adjusting on one occasion, done by the dealer for less than $20.

General Comments:

The only complaint would be that this vehicle could use a little more power, but I see that this was addressed in the 2002 model year. The power is adequate, however, to meet the needs of the average driver and passing on the highway is not a scary task by any means.

Our CR-V is comfortable, starts readily in extremely hot and cold weather, and the all wheel drive and ABS are excellent in the snow.

Although a little high in price, as most sport utility vehicles are, the quality and comfort makes it money well spent. We are very satisfied Honda owners who would highly recommend the CR-V.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2004

4th Jul 2004, 08:20

I thought AWD and ABS were only available in the EX version?

14th Jul 2004, 23:25

ABS is indeed only available in the EX version. There are two different LX versions; one is a bare-bones non-AWD version and the other has AWD. This is true for both the 1st generation CR-V as well as the 2nd generation.

19th Aug 2012, 15:53

My wife and I have a 2001 SE model, and it has ABS also.

2001 Honda CR-V LX from North America


It is very reliable

General Comments:

This vehicle is very reliable and fairly comfortable for four people. The dealer I went to was very friendly, and I bought the vehicle from him at retail price using a price list from a reliable website. He had a choice to either sell it to me using that price or I would buy off the INTERNET, so using this method there was absolutely no negotiating.

The only major complaint I have about the CR-V is the cup holders. They are the worst I have ever seen! They are completely useless unless you are driving on an even surface in a straight line, otherwise your drink will fall over.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2003