2007 Honda CR-V ES-Plus 2.0 petrol from Greece


9500 - Clonking noise from the rear diff under full steering lock. Replaced rear diff fluid and never heard anything again.

18000 - Second row courtesy light short-circuit (fuse was blown and nothing worse happened). Replaced under warranty.

70000 - Very high oil-consumption, something wrong with the cylinder head. Replaced under warranty, no oil consumption now, and the engine runs sweeter than ever.

General Comments:

I chose the car based on logic.

I never thought that I'd come to like it, and to be honest I still think it's boring as hell.

It's boring because it's very comfortable.

It's also boring, because everything works like it should.

What also bores me is the fact that when I do long trips, it doesn't gives me a reason to stop (neither for fuel nor for rest)

Handling is borderline boring... NEUTRAL beyond belief and... oversteery when provoked (!!!), a pleasant surprise :) I don't thing I ever witnessed any kind of understeer.

Accommodation is very generous, even for luggage.

Plastics could be better... don't get me wrong, fit and finish are PERFECT, but even Renault has soft to touch - spongelike plastics nowadays.

Gear changes are a PLEASURE. Best ever gear-lever ever, travel is short, precise and it's positioned right next to the steering wheel.

Lights are excellent, no blind spots, just a "flood" of light.

What I hate the most though is that I can't find a reason to sell it (I am used to changing cars every 9-12 months). It's been 3.5 years now, and I can't find any excuses...

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Review Date: 11th April, 2011

2007 Honda CR-V Sport 2.4 from Australia and New Zealand




The car is very reliable, however there were a few issues.

The brakes had a fault, which was fixed under warranty (they replaced all brakes).

I also have found that the car battery is very weak and runs out quickly; it ran out in 20 minutes with the radio on. The AA guy said this was a common problem for Honda batteries. Honda said it would replace mine.

When fitting new tyres at a service, they incorrectly fitted them, and they gave me a car for the weekend while they fixed it. Other than that, there have been no other major faults.

General Comments:

Brilliant value for money. Has standard equipment that is an option on 100,000 grand cars. Such as heated leather seats, automatic windscreen wipers, electric seats etc...

Excellent seat support, and a ride that is great for long journeys. Overall a brilliant car that I am going to keep for the next 10 years.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2009

20th Apr 2009, 22:59

What sort of fuel mileage are you getting in the CRV?

22nd Apr 2009, 03:55

Around 12 litres per 100km.

26th Jul 2009, 19:50

I have found it a great & reliable vehicle in all kinds of weather conditions. I mainly do open road driving with only a little around town & average about 9.6 L per 100kms.

2007 Honda CR-V LX 2.4 from North America


Honda put a lot of time and attention into this vehicle - and it shows


The juddering phenomenon that some owners have encountered while turning sharply at low speeds reared its head at 10,000 miles. The dealer replaced the differential fluid and ran the vehicle for 5 minutes at low speed on a lift with the parking brake applied to "burnish" the clutch plates. No more shudder. Hopefully the procedure didn't reduce the effectiveness of the limited-slip function that the clutches provide.

General Comments:

The exterior styling is love-it-or-hate-it. Additionally, some people will miss having a roof rack. The body feels substantial - no shakes or rattles. It doesn't surprise you that it has a five-star crash safety rating for both frontal and side impacts.

Despite being a base model, the interior is a nice place to spend time in. Excellent room and seating positions/comfort for all. The seating surfaces are durable-but-not-industrial, and the seat frames that feel substantial.

The interior is easy to look at, and has no shortage of storage bins/pockets. To be sure, there is a fair amount of hard plastic, but features nice textures and colors, with no flash, or sharp edges. Moreover, there are just enough soft-touch surfaces (armrests) to keep things from descending into Fleet Car Hell.

The instrumentation is stylish - and readable. And it bucks the latest trend of foregoing a temperature gauge. The tire pressure monitoring system is a nice touch.

The A/C has a air-filtration system, and the A/C vents are placed at face-level - where they belong. The A/C itself is reasonably powerful. But the while the AC is adequate, the heater takes a fair amount of time to put out heat, and the cabin has a fair amount of volume to heat. But it does (eventually) get the vehicle's interior warm.

Other nice touches are the tilt and telescope steering column and the integrated conversation mirror/sunglasses holder. The standard stereo has mediocre sound quality at best - Honda usually does better (perhaps the uplevel models are better). Visibility to the rear is somewhat limited; uplevel models have a camera. The rear hatch is hinged at the top -> if you're tall, you'll want to exercise caution to avoid bumping your head.

The chassis features good handling - alert steering response, good roadholding and minimal body roll - particularly for a tall vehicle. The vehicle stability assist has yet to kick in, despite venturing beyond the threshold of tire squeal.

The steering, though a bit light, is precise, linear, and has decent feel. Directional stability on the interstate is OK, with some minor crosswind sensitivity.

The ride is a bit aggressive in the Honda tradition - impact harshness is its defining signature. Then again, you won't get seasick. The 4-wheel disk brakes have good feel, effort levels and perceived stopping power.

The powertrain is well done. This is a tall, 3500+lb. vehicle (by-product of the five-star crash rating?), with all-wheel-drive, propelled by 166 HP. If you want speed, gas mileage is going to take a hit. As it is, it's a decent compromise. The engine gets along with the 5-speed automatic transmission fairly well, with smooth, intuitive shifts between well spaced/matched ratios - Certainly better than transmission the 98-02 V6 Accords (we own one of those too).

Power is adequate - the responsive acceleration that one experiences with a light load at low speeds fades at highway speeds - particularly when carrying passengers and cargo. Not a enough to be a serious problem, but younger/inexperienced drivers may want to plan passing maneuvers with some care until they adjust to the difference in low-speed vs. high speed acceleration.

This vehicle employs electronic throttle control, and for the most part, it is unobtrusive. The power spread is even, with no noticeable holes in the power curve -> the variable valve timing/lift work well.

It doesn't seem likely that you could use a smaller engine in this vehicle and get better real-world economy (as opposed to generating good EPA numbers). The real-time fuel economy readout on the dash is informative. Level roads with still winds allow for numbers in the low 30s at 55-60 MPH.

To the powertrain's credit, cruising at 60 MPH in 5th is done at 1800 RPM. You can ascend slight inclines without downshifts/lockup disengagement, but you can see the instant fuel economy drop to the low twenties. Should the hill steepen (if not become steep per se), you'll see a quick drop into the mid-to-high teens, with the transmission smoothly and seamlessly downshifting a gear (or 2 on occasion). Add some head/crosswinds, and it drops even further. We average 21 MPG on regular (87 octane) fuel.

An interesting phenomenon is an increase in fuel economy when using premium fuel. We mistakenly filled up with 93 octane, and noticed an increase to 23 MPG. We have done so from time to time subsequently, and noticed the same increase.

NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) levels for the drivetrain are good when you consider that this is a long-stroke 4 that has its work cut out for it. Unless you're in a hurry, you don't notice it.

The engine uses no oil between changes, but is somewhat noisy when cold (mild piston slap). Tire noise, in the Honda tradition, is a constant (but not bothersome) companion. There is a bit of wind noise around the windows/roof pillars, but not bad as SUVs go.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2008

16th Apr 2009, 10:44

Good review! I own a 2007 CRV EX-L and you pretty much summed everything up. I do feel it is a bit underpowered, but not a problem at all in regular driving conditions. As you mentioned, it is a little noisy on cold start, but very smooth when warm.

28th Apr 2012, 23:23


The original poster here.

Just replaced the back brakes at 55,000 miles.

The drive train judder is gone.

Great car!!!