6th Jun 2013, 07:23

If you'd like to have smoother cold starts, use an oil grade starting with 0W. Such as Castrol Edge. It will only help with cold starts though; once warmed up, the performance will be the same.

15th Feb 2014, 21:19

Original poster here. Had a cracked spark plug and bad ignition coil trigger a dead cylinder flashing Check Engine light. $350.00. Otherwise no problems :)

26th Oct 2014, 02:56

Original poster once again.

82,000 miles - Rear calipers stopped floating - bead blasted pins, installed new hardware, rotors and pads.

12th Jul 2015, 02:05

Original poster here. The air conditioning system lost about half of its freon sometime early in the summer. The result was the air blowing out of the the vents went from a consistent 42-44 degrees to 42-44 degrees, slowly going up to 55 degrees, then back down to 42-44 degrees. System recharged, dye added. We'll see how that works out ;)

12th Jul 2015, 16:10

My wife has a 2008 CR-V LX base model. Bought it for $19,999 plus taxes and fees when the local Honda dealership had its yearly blow out sale at the end of the year. No mechanical problems except for engine noise on start up in the mornings. Researched it on the Internet and forums/tech sites; they said it was a noisy oil pump that causes no harm to the engine, but it's just noisy at start up.

Also there was a recall on the door locks, and all were replaced for free from the dealership.

The interior is not holding up well. But the wife uses the car as an extension of her clothes closet in the house. And the paint on top of the car is fading and the black outside pillars are scratched. Had them repainted for $500.00 from the local neighborhood body/paint/mechanic man. But should have clear coated the outside side black pillars, because they are scratching again.

All in all, a good basic transportation vehicle. Have to buy Hondas for the wife because she is so brutal on cars. Others just don't stand up to her. For her the car is just an appliance. Nothing more, nothing less. Would like to buy another one for $19,999.00, but the dealership is about $22,000 plus fees and taxes when they have their big year end sales on it. Don't want to pay over $20,000 for a vehicle. Also the Korean cars just don't hold up. At least to her because we have tried one before.

16th Aug 2015, 02:32

Original poster here.

The A/C tanked again @ 90,000 miles.

Had to replace the compressor and condenser. It's blowing 44-46 degree air out of the vents again - let's hope that continues :)

8th Jan 2017, 03:58


Original poster here.

At 100,000 miles, the transmission occasionally started flaring mildly on the 1-2 shift.

Then the temperature, as the temperature started to drop, and the first 1-2 shift of the day after sitting overnight became incredibly harsh. The kind of thing that destroys motor/powertrain mounts. All subsequent for the rest of the day are pretty good - other than the occasional flare 1-2 shift mentioned above.

Anybody else out there with a CR-V of this vintage notice this?

Please let me know.


13th Aug 2017, 03:44

A transmission flush fixed the harsh 1-2 shifts, but the flare in RPM remains - intermittently.

We'll see ;)