CR-V ES-Plus 2.0 petrol

258 words, Greece

CR-V Sport 2.4


155 words, Australia and New Zealand, 3 comments

CR-V LX 2.4

Honda put a lot of time and attention into this vehicle - and it shows

885 words, North America, 10 comments

CR-V EX-L 2.4L i-Vtech 166 hp

Great car/suv, I love it and would not choose any other car. You have to drive one to appreciate it

311 words, North America

CR-V LX 4 cylinder gas

Honda should stand behind their products and replace known defective parts.

68 words, North America, 8 comments

CR-V EXS 2.4 petrol

Very nice

24 words, Chile, 11 comments

CR-V EX 4 cylinder

See Above

155 words, North America, 3 comments