2012 Honda CR-V Comfort 2.2 i-DTEC from Belgium


Almost perfect


A little tear on the rubber seals of the back doors.

General Comments:

It's a spacious and comfortable car.

It has comfortable seats.

Engine is really quiet.

Engine is just powerful enough. A little bit more wouldn't hurt.

Diesel consumption isn't bad (6,5 - 7 l/100km).

It is great in the snow.

Good speakers.

Wind noise could be better.

Really bad sat nav.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2013

2012 Honda CR-V EX from North America


Would not recommend buying, due to mirror problems


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Before buying this car, you need to understand that the driver's side mirror is "non standard", and is referred to by Honda as "Expanded-View". The outer portion of the mirror uses a convex mirror in an attempt to create a broader field of view (your blind spot).

After 2 months and 1400 miles, I have found the mirror to be inferior to the standard driver's side mirror. In theory it would seem to work by permitting a larger field of view, but in actual practice it creates confusion and the inability to judge the distance of the approaching vehicle in your left lane. Night time is even worse, with 2 headlights often showing as 3 or 4 lights, depending on where the approaching car is, what part is viewable in the "convex" mirror, and what is appearing in the standard mirror.

In my opinion, Honda has created a safety hazard, whereby the driver is uncertain as to the distance of the approaching car or how many cars are approaching (at night).

Be certain you take the CR-V for a LONG test ride, and make sure you can use the mirror. There is no other mirror option.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2012

11th Jan 2013, 22:03

I can't understand how you make such a big deal about the mirror. I completely disagree with you, and I can because I own one.

16th Jan 2013, 03:54

This review is very unfair. Poor driving skills can develop these sort of issues. I've got a CRV myself, and never experienced anything like this.

2012 Honda CR-V EX-L 2.4 from North America


We really enjoy driving this car


Nothing has gone wrong, although the car is still new. It is AWD.

General Comments:

Reviews had mentioned difficulty using the Navigation and extensive electronics, but we have figured them all out within the first month. We really like the communication between our iPhone and the CR-V.

MPG is advertised as 31 mpg highway, and we get 24 to 31 during our local driving. 24mpg for a week of driving to work in the mountains, and 30 to 31mpg driving 2.5 hours to my parent's house, which includes a restroom stop and crossing over a couple of mountains.

The front leather seats are very comfortable, and our two kids have enough room to watch their movies or read their books.

I hope we keep the CR-V for a long time.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2012

5th Feb 2012, 19:44

I am buying the new CR-V, but wonder why it can't have a heated steering wheel and warm/cool leather seats when Kia is doing so - it would be nice.

9th Feb 2012, 09:28

Kia is offering these little niceties so they will sell cars. Honda doesn't need to. In fact the CR-V is still only 185 HP, when many of the competitors offer much more power. Honda doesn't need to up theirs though, as they are the best seller year after year. Overall quality is what sells the car, not options. Honda knows this, and therefore can focus on quality rather than add-ons.

Have fun with your new CR-V. They look so nice compared to the outgoing model.

19th Feb 2012, 10:57

We traded in our 2010 CRV with navigation on a 2012 with navigation. We had put over 60,000 kms on the 2010 in under 2 years. We liked it very much.

When we looked at the 2012, we were impressed at the way the back seats folded down, much better than before. We liked the whole interior, seems like a step up. We also liked the exterior styling more.

The drive is a little quieter than the outgoing one. My wife uses the "eco mode" when she drives, and the 2012 is getting about 3 more MPG than the 2010 did. I find that the acceleration is a little better than the old one, but not much.

We have over 3000 kms on it now, and we are extremely happy with it. From what I have seen, the new 2013 Ford Escape looks very nice with lots of little toys. From my experience over the years though, I find all those little toys mess up.

The CRV is a quality piece, and it has proven that over the years.