6th Jul 2010, 22:10

It's a great little SUV and comes with a lot of room and storage. It is peppy enough to me, and it's great on gas.

10th Jul 2010, 21:31

Yes I think it has enough power too. Why get a V6 when you suffer poor gas mileage and risk getting speeding tickets and high gas fill ups.

11th Jul 2010, 16:21

I own a Honda CR-V, and I agree and disagree with the CR-V being a 4-cylinder only. I love my CR-V, but sometimes I really do wish it had more power. Getting onto the highway can be a real struggle. And trying to stay at a speed any higher than 65 MPH is impossible. Even when climbing hills on the highway, my CR-V has to shift down into 3rd gear and scream at 5,000 RPM in order to make it up a large hill. Gas mileage doesn't make up for it either, as I can only get as much as 25 MPG.

The CR-V's 2.4L inline-4 cylinder is borrowed from the Accord. The Accord is a lighter car with much less surface area. In the Accord, this engine makes perfect sense, and has more than enough power to move it along with ease. The CR-V is heavier and has a lot more surface area, and coupled with 4WD (like my CR-V) this same engine becomes overwhelmed.

The Accord's V6 (a 3.5L) should be an option in the CR-V. A V6 would make the CR-V much more livable in everyday driving. It wouldn't really affect gas mileage to much, as the V6 would get roughly the same mileage as the 4 cylinder (the 4 cylinder could get much better mileage, but to keep a heavy car like the CR-V moving, it has to work much harder than the V6).

The 4-cylinder should definitely remain in the CR-V, however it needs a power boost. My 2006 CR-V makes 156 HP and 161 lb/ft of torque. If it made 180 HP and 170 lb/ft of torque, it would be absolutely perfect. This wouldn't affect gas mileage too much (it might even improve it slightly) and everyday driving would be much easier. The engine would also last much longer, as it wouldn't need to work so hard to keep the CR-V moving.

15th Jul 2010, 14:10

I own a 2001 Honda CRV. It has enough power for me, plus is great on gas and has never let me down. It has 177,000 miles, and still drives and rides comfortable.

12th Nov 2010, 10:22

I just bought a 01 CRV with 107,000 miles on it for 7000.00, and am so happy with the comfort and room I have.

It's great on gas; I just filled it and got 450 miles on a full tank. Great on gas if you ask me.

It's going to be nice to have with winter arriving upon us. I'm in upstate New York, and it's coming. So glad it's all wheel drive.

5th Jan 2015, 15:22

The 2001 CRV still had a 2.0 4 cylinder engine, the 2002 CRV received the 2.4 liter that is in the Accord. This is probably the reason for the lack of power. The 2.4 4 cylinder is very peppy.