13th Mar 2010, 13:01

I'm the original reviewer.

My CR-V is now at about 48,000 miles. I'm still loving it, and have had only one other issue (headlight blew, once again only took the dealer a few minutes to change.)

It's been getting a consistent 28 MPG. I have to say I'm not at all used to getting such low MPG. My Civic spoiled me with 45 MPG. Although I'd say 28 MPG isn't too bad for something this big.

What it lacks in gas mileage, it more than makes up for in room at least. I was able to carry a piece of furniture home, saving me the cost of delivery. I would never have been able to do that in my Civic!

15th Mar 2010, 21:10

Original reviewer again!


Living in southeastern Massachusetts's (which has gotten over 5 inches of rain in the past 48 hours) my basement (which is also half-my living space because I live in a split-level home) was under a few inches of water.

I wasn't prepared for this. I've lived here for about 4 years and have never had any issues with flooding. I jumped into my CR-V and rushed down to Home Depot to get a shop vac and some sandbags.

The roads around town are flooded, many under a foot of water. My CR-V got me there quickly and safely, never missed a beat. Even carrying back over 200 LBS of sandbags it performed flawlessly.

It saved most of the structural integrity of my house... Hopefully insurance will cover this, but at least I stopped further damage.

I've always loved Honda's and have never had any serious issues with any of mine. But this CR-V saved my house, me, and my family. HONDA FOR LIFE.

2nd Apr 2010, 20:13

Original Reviewer here again.

I'm at about 50,000 miles now. The "MAINTENANCE REQUIRED" light came on. Just needed an oil change, dealer took care of it within 20 minutes and it didn't cost me a penny.

If you've seen the news, then you know how bad the flooding is up here in Massachusetts. Most of the streets of my hometown are under 6+ inches of water, and some have been closed by the National Guard (it takes forever to get anywhere now, there are detours through all the backroads because the main roads are flooded). I have to drive through 6 inches of water every time I leave my driveway and my CR-V doesn't even notice. I'm amazed at the perfect timing of my purchase. Some of the roads I HAVE to drive on are under more water than my Civic could have handled.

I have had no further issues since the blown interior light bulb. I also had it undercoated to protect it from all the salt used on the roads up here in the winter.

Overall, still very happy with my CR-V.

28th May 2010, 15:35

Original reviewer again.

My CR-V now has about 54,000 miles on it. One of the front drive axles required replacing at about 53,000 miles, as it was causing vibrations while decelerating at around 45 MPH. The dealer replaced it under warranty and it has been fine since. I also had to have the rotors resurfaced at 53,000, due to some pedal pulsation. I had to pay out of pocket for the resurfacing, however, as always the dealer was courteous and the service was quick.

I just purchased roof racks from my dealer and installed them myself (took about 20 minutes) and I've used them a few times now to carry all 3 of my kayaks. They hold the kayaks just fine even though the weight limit is 75 pounds (each kayak weighs 40 lbs, so they are 45 lbs overloaded). This was actually another reason why I bought the CR-V in the first place, I could never have carried my kayaks with my Civic, and I never did (they sat in the back yard for quite awhile until now).

To get to the lake I usually kayak in there is a hilly dirt road with many rocks, and usually mud puddles. The CR-V handles it just fine, it's no serious offroader obviously, but it's actually a bit better at it than I expected.

I only have one complaint to speak of, and that's the windshield. The placement of the windshield makes it get covered in bugs. I don't know if all small SUV's have this problem because of the relative shape and aerodynamics, but my windshield is filthy. Not really a serious problem, I just have to fill up the washer fluid a bit more often.

I've had no further issues except for the rotor resurfacing and drive axle since my last update. I've also noticed that no matter how much city driving, or highway driving, or mixed driving I do, I cannot get any lower or any higher than about 26 MPG.

21st Jun 2010, 21:11

Original Reviewer again:

I've only gone another 1,000 miles or so since my last update. However, I wanted to add that I'm really happy with my dealer. I've always gotten great service from every Honda dealership I've done business with, however I must say that this one really stands out.

When I noticed a few days ago that one of my tires was considerably worn compared to the rest, I brought it into the dealer. I was told that when my CR-V was traded-in by its original owner, that this tire had passed inspection, but that the other 3 had to be replaced. I was a bit unhappy at first to find out they had done this and not just replaced all 4. When I complained to the manager, he told me that he would gladly replace the tire free of charge. Totally resolved any anger I had for the original issue.

I wish I could say the dealer's name on this site, I'd love to give them more business!

17th Jul 2010, 13:27

Original Reviewer again.

My CR-V has 57,000 miles on it now. I haven't had any issues with it since replacing one of the front drive axles a few thousand miles ago.

I have used it to go kayaking many times now, and it has performed excellent each time. I went to a different lake the last time I went. There was a 3 mile dirt road down to the lake that was covered in loose sand, rocks and deep muddle puddles (about a foot deep) and lots of mud. My CR-V handled it great. Got a little stuck once, but managed to get it out by rocking back and forth (reverse, drive, reverse, drive) a few times. I washed it after that as it was VERY dirty. But it did very well.

I fixed the buggy windshield issue by installing an aftermarket hood deflector. Problem solved.

It's continued to get a consistent 25 MPG in all driving conditions, so I can't really complain.

Overall, I'm still happy with my purchase. So far it's pretty much living up to my expectations based on my previous experiences with Honda's (although I never had to have a drive axle replaced on any of them). But it's gonna take another 200,000 miles to really impress me.

27th Oct 2010, 19:31

Original Reviewer again.

My CR-V has about 61,000 miles on it now, and has been great, no issues whatsoever since the axle replacement. I'll be bringing it in for its 60,000 mile service very soon.

I've still been getting a fairly consistent 25-26 MPG in mixed city/highway driving. I switched to full synthetic oil at my last oil change. For some odd reason, it seemed to have a bit more torque off the line and little more power throughout after the switch, but I guess that's a good thing!

I'm looking forward to seeing how it will perform in the snow, and with winter approaching here in New England, I'll be finding out soon.