2006 Honda CR-V RD MY2006 2.4L i-VTEC from Australia and New Zealand


Money well spent!


Left roof trim doesn't sit properly (think it just needs a couple of new clips?)

Both headlight globes blew, only 3 weeks apart. Just general wear & tear, I suspect.

Driver's sun-visor clip broke - bought a replacement on eBay. Thankfully, it has slowly loosened up over time, making it a little less likely to break again.

Left-tail light was cracked on purchase, allowing water to seep in. I bought a brand new one (which cost less than a salvaged one!) from the parts department at my local Honda dealer & replaced it myself, with very little difficulty (luckily, the water didn't get into the electrics beforehand!).

Spare wheel cover was scratched & in need of a respray. Already so when I bought the car, but unfortunately, I added to it, by reversing too quickly up my VERY steep driveway & clipping the bottom of the stairs leading up to our balcony! Whoops!

VERY squeaky clutch! I've learnt to put up with it (plus my music's usually loud enough to drown it out!).

Transmission was quite stiff to change gears with, when first purchased. Replacing the transmission fluid at a service fixed the problem straight away!

Sun-visors are very stiff to remove from their clips, when you wish to put them sideways. You need to be gentle, or you risk breaking the clips.

Would prefer the On/Off switch for the cruise control to be up on the steering wheel, instead of under the dashboard (keep hitting it with my knee, when getting in!)

General Comments:

This has been a reliable, comfortable, well-featured car & I plan on keeping it for as long as possible!

It simply ticks every box for me! First & foremost, it's a manual, which I greatly enjoy driving (except in traffic). In spite of its size, this car is surprisingly economical! I tend to refill the tank at around the 1/4 mark, & by then I'll have done anywhere from 120km to almost 500 in 2 weeks! Definitely beats the mileage/efficiency of my Mum's V6 Magna (especially considering I do at least 300km a week)! Despite the efficiency, I find the 2.4L is a reasonably powerful unit & can easily reach 110km/h! Granted, it can be a little sluggish going uphill, but going back into 3rd gear tends to help with that.

The interior is comfortable & very spacious. I wanted a car that I could fit my bike in, & with the front wheel removed, mine fits in the back of the Honda beautifully (the fact that the back seats not only fold flat, but lift right up out of the floor & rest vertically against the front seats is a big help!). Being 6'4", I like having a car that A) has room to move & B) I don't fall into, then have to heave myself up to get out of (as is the case with most low cars!). My only complaint is that finding new interior parts (sun visor clip is a good example) in the right colour can be a challenge (my CR-V has the tan brown interior, which is slightly less common than grey or black).

Although it's the base model, I find the car well-equipped with a CD player, excellent climate control, cruise control & steering wheel-mounted audio controls.

Overall, the car seems to be living up to Honda's reputation for reliability & comfort, so I'll be hanging on to it for a while yet!

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2015

12th Oct 2015, 11:24

Almost 1 year later, my baby's still keeping me as happy as ever! She now has just over 90,000km on the clock (so has definitely done some work [considering it had only done about 72,000, when I bought it!]) & by the end of this year, I'll have already had it serviced twice!

Still needs a few scratches attended to, but overall, she scrubs up pretty well for a 9 year old car, so not a major hassle!

Can't believe the time has gone so fast, but I'm definitely not regretting buying my CR-V!

2006 Honda CR-V LX from North America


Honda has gotten too complicated


VSA light came on, and Honda's estimate was $1800 for a modulator, and would not cover it under the warranty. Apparently it is common problem that has been covered by them in Canada and the UK, but after pleading my case with Honda Corp, they took care of 60%, which is something, but not enough. This should not happen at 69k miles, and it was always serviced at the dealer, and driven gently.

General Comments:

Going to the new Honda dealership felt more like going to a luxury Mercedes than Honda, and they raised the price on me that they had previously agreed to, and I had to have them call the corporate headquarters to change it. I think Honda has lost their way.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2011