2006 Honda CR-V Basic 2.0 from Philippines


Terrible electronic throttle system



A testament to Honda reliability.

General Comments:

Horrible electronic throttle system.

This new electronic throttle system that Honda has incorporated to this model is just silly. I don't know why they had to shift to an electronic system with this kind of performance, when the previous system just works great and is very reliable as well.

This is the only downside to this model, but unfortunately for me it has somehow ruined the whole feel of the car. If you have driven the first gen CRV and this model, you would know what I mean.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2007

10th Oct 2007, 09:35

I hope that electronic downside isn't so bad because I'm planning to get one. Never driven the 1st generation CRV.

27th Jun 2009, 14:09

I agree that the new electronic throttle system miss the feel that the previous model. I own a 2006 CR-V and my aunt own an 2005 CR-V and the difference is noticeable. The 2005 model feel much powerful that the 2006. But maybe for a inexperienced driver the 2005 could be more dangerous, because the engine is too powerful and the driver could loss the control if press the accelerator too quickly. In my opinion both models 2005 and 2006 are wonderful. The ride and seats are very comfortable. No problems at all.

28th Jun 2009, 15:01

I have a 2009 CRV and love the electronic throttle system. It is accurate and provides me the best gas mileage I can get... why wouldn't I want that. Of course it feels different from the first generation (I had one of those as well and traded for my new one). Both my CRV's were problem free, which is why I come back to Honda. The day of non- electronic throttle systems are going away, so get use to better mileage, low maintenance and longevity.

14th Jul 2009, 23:59

We have a Honda CRV 1997 model service in our company, it is really a super car; it reaches 210kmh on plain roads and it's amazing. But, I had a problem to it coz it is my responsibility. I can notice it if I'm driving slowly on curved lanes; something noisy rubbing things under the chassis, especially making a "U" turn. On that day, we removed the propeller shaft since there is still a front wheel drive so that we can use it. Then, the noise is gone but seems there is no damage of the prof shaft. Can anyone help me for this?

Appreciate that a lot.

6th Jul 2013, 21:33

The rear differential fluid needs to be replaced. The old fluid doesn't have enough friction modifiers in it to lubricate the clutch packs, hence the notable chatter when cornering. It takes special "dual pump" fluid, so just take it to Honda.

2006 Honda CR-V Unk. 2.4 from North America


High Hopes, Low Accheivment


Covered by Warranty

AC Compressor 28k

Water pump 24K.

Not to pleased, My mom bought this car because needed something smaller, and the Windstar was at 140k. I am surprised to say that Honda does not hold up to this bullet tough enigma that they have set forth. Even though the problems have been covered by the warranty I am just appalled that these problems have happened with less than 30k miles.

General Comments:

It somewhat comfortable, "Dances like a Willies in 4 wheel Drive" Not great in the Snow, but when I replaced the T/A spec tires with Michelens I was surprised how much better the ride and handling was.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2007

2006 Honda CR-V from North America


My husband and I purchased a 2006 Honda CRV off the lot with great expectations.

We took our first trip to see our son, who is 12 hours away from our area. Half way there we turned the AC off, because it was cooler at night. The next day, we turned the AC back on and it was blowing out hot air.

We took the vehicle to the local Honda dealer service station, and he diagnosed it as an air compressor problem. He said that a rock or some object from the interstate hit the compressor and crushed it.

I would call this a fault of Honda, and they should fix their faulty design. I have heard of numerous complaints about AC and compressor problems.

Please add your complaints so we can all receive the quality that we paid or are paying for.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2007

24th Jun 2010, 08:39

I bought a 2006 Honda CR-V and I admit it was used. I paid extra because the car was Honda certified, and they assured me that everything was fine on the car. After a year and a half the AC went out and Honda won't do anything about it. They told me that nobody at Honda wants to talk with you, and that it wasn't their fault because of the mileage. The mileage has nothing to do with it. I told them that, and while I have no air they sit in their office. What kind of company says those things?

24th Jun 2010, 19:58

I also own a 2006 Honda CR-V. I have almost 60,000 miles and my A/C is working great, never had a problem.