2006 Honda CR-V Unk. 2.4 from North America


High Hopes, Low Accheivment


Covered by Warranty

AC Compressor 28k

Water pump 24K.

Not to pleased, My mom bought this car because needed something smaller, and the Windstar was at 140k. I am surprised to say that Honda does not hold up to this bullet tough enigma that they have set forth. Even though the problems have been covered by the warranty I am just appalled that these problems have happened with less than 30k miles.

General Comments:

It somewhat comfortable, "Dances like a Willies in 4 wheel Drive" Not great in the Snow, but when I replaced the T/A spec tires with Michelens I was surprised how much better the ride and handling was.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2007

2006 Honda CR-V from North America


My husband and I purchased a 2006 Honda CRV off the lot with great expectations.

We took our first trip to see our son, who is 12 hours away from our area. Half way there we turned the AC off, because it was cooler at night. The next day, we turned the AC back on and it was blowing out hot air.

We took the vehicle to the local Honda dealer service station, and he diagnosed it as an air compressor problem. He said that a rock or some object from the interstate hit the compressor and crushed it.

I would call this a fault of Honda, and they should fix their faulty design. I have heard of numerous complaints about AC and compressor problems.

Please add your complaints so we can all receive the quality that we paid or are paying for.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2007

24th Jun 2010, 08:39

I bought a 2006 Honda CR-V and I admit it was used. I paid extra because the car was Honda certified, and they assured me that everything was fine on the car. After a year and a half the AC went out and Honda won't do anything about it. They told me that nobody at Honda wants to talk with you, and that it wasn't their fault because of the mileage. The mileage has nothing to do with it. I told them that, and while I have no air they sit in their office. What kind of company says those things?

24th Jun 2010, 19:58

I also own a 2006 Honda CR-V. I have almost 60,000 miles and my A/C is working great, never had a problem.

2006 Honda CR-V Sport Luxury from Australia and New Zealand


Well worth the investment!



General Comments:

After years of buying second-hand cars that were not always the bargains they seemed to be, we decided it was time to invest in something new. Honda Australia had a good deal on new CR-V's and after a great deal of research, we decided that the CR-V was the right vehicle for us.

We were needed to transport our three young children in a safe, reliable vehicle. We wanted something that wouldn't cost a fortune to run and that be backed by a company that actually took customer service seriously.

The CR-V has been faultless. The longer we have it, the more we like it. We spent the extra money to get the top of the line model with easy to clean leather seats. The wide flat rear seat allows us to fit in three child seats, which was of crucial importance. The height of the vehicle makes getting the children in and out easy. There is enough room in the rear for both our Labradors or a large baby buggy.

Customer service from Honda has been excellent. Lots of phone calls to make sure we are happy. They come out to us to service the car which is very convenient as we live some distance from the dealer.

All in all, it's the perfect vehicle for us and was money well spent.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2007

1st Aug 2007, 07:43

Hi, I am also considering a CR-V (or any other similarly-sized SUV), and have one major requirement: it must easily accommodate 3 child seats in the back! I see you said it can - what type of seats are they? I will have to be able to fit one of the smaller back-facing "carry handle" types for a few months old baby, then one of the big front-facing chairs for my 2 year old, and the third being a "booster" chair for my 4 year old. I can barely squeeze these three into the back of my current car, a Peugeot 307 SW, but it is very uncomfortable, especially for my 4 year old son (no elbow room) so I need substantially more width.

Is yours' the latest model CR-V?

One more question: I've read road tests complaining about a very harsh ride when driving on slower, poor surface roads (whereas it is superb at higher speeds on smooth surfaces, with car-like handling) - do you find the same?