2006 Honda CR-V 2.4L 4 cylinder I-VTEC from Australia and New Zealand


Just doesn't live up to what you'd expect from Honda..


This is not my car, although I have been driving it for a few days. I'm unsure of any problems the owners have had. Instead I am focusing on the driving experience.

General Comments:

Been driving this for a few days now, and have noticed the following.


Steering is light and fairly responsive.

AC is pretty cold.

Interior quality fairly good (although the layout is poor, as I will soon describe).

Brakes perform well, and never have trouble slowing up the car.


The 2.4 litre 4 cylinder engine is obviously underpowered. This car has always been serviced by a Honda dealer, so neglect is not at fault. Putting your foot right to the floor is just sad. Poor torque at low engine rpm is bad in most cars, but an SUV? This is a performance characteristic that an SUV really needs. And with no low range gear set available, tasks like putting a boat in at a boat ramp are difficult and scary. I felt safer doing this in my 1990 Lada Niva. The problem of poor low rpm performance isn't helped by the slow speed at which the engine gathers revs, making pulling out into traffic potentially dangerous. This car really needs a 6 cyl engine. I occasionally drive a 1991 Mitsubishi Pajero, which has LOTS more go off the line than the CR-V.

Once revs get high - they skyrocket! Another characteristic that you just don't want in this kind of car. In case this poor performance wasn't enough, the engine is pretty noisy for a car of this age. Noticeably louder than our 2000 Toyota Camry.

The car seems reluctant to change up gears, and likes to hold onto them until fairly high rpm, even when little throttle is given. Yet another characteristic that might be alright in something sportier like a Civic, but not an SUV. It just makes the engine sound strained, and makes everyone around you think you're an idiot flooring your car. When the car does change gears, it's just not as smooth as a modern Honda should be. You actually get thrown forwards in your seat quite a bit sometimes.

I dislike the styling of the exterior - it is not a car that I feel like much of a man driving.

The interior seems poorly laid out in my opinion. A gear stick on the dash, and handbrake also on the dash area was a great idea for cars that offered a bench seat, but in the CR-V, you just get some crappy, useless table thing. Why...

The air conditioning knobs are needlessly far from the stereo, and controls for tail gate release and sun roof operation require the driver to reach down to the door.

With only 5 seats (which are too hard and become uncomfortable after trips of just 30 minutes), limited boot space, and no offroad ability, I can't for the life of me see why someone would buy a CR-V over a Ford Falcon.

In fact, I can't see much at all whilst driving, because the pillars towards the vehicles rear are too thick. I was shocked at the poor vision when I first got into the car.

It's hard to believe that Honda have made a car that I find less satisfying to drive than a 20 year old Mitsubishi Pajero or Lada Niva, but they have. Expected much more.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2011

2006 Honda CR-V EX 2.4 Litre I4 from North America


The perfect SUV for people who usually hate SUVs


It's brand new (to me) so I haven't had any problems.

General Comments:

I haven't had much time driving this car, and I will update this review as often as possible.

For my first impression, I absolutely love this car. I've owned 4 Honda's (would've owned more but they last so darn long!) My first being a '76 Civic that I finally retired in '89 with over 500,000 completely trouble-free miles, my second a '91 Civic that I bought with over 180,000 original miles and drove it until it had over 250,000, my third a '96 Accord bought used with 30,000 miles and driven until 230,000 miles and traded-in in perfect running condition, and my 2008 Honda Civic that I unfortunately had to trade in because I use my vehicle for work, and it was just starting to get way to small for my growing workload. It was completely trouble-free for the 36,990 miles that I owned it. This CR-V has a lot to live up to.

I love the way it drives, very powerful for a little 4-cylinder, doesn't feel stressed at all. The transmission shifts beautifully, if it weren't for a little engine noise, you wouldn't even know it was shifting at all. Engine noise is in no way obtrusive by the way, it's very quiet for a lower-budget small SUV, but you know it's there for sure.

Handling is great for what it is. I don't feel as confident around the corners as I did in my Civic, but the CR-V does have a much higher center of gravity, so this is to be expected. It's also very comfortable over the bumpy roads of my hometown. It gives you good feedback, but doesn't launch you through the roof either. Easily the most comfortably riding car I've ever owned.

The interior is flawless. Fit and finish is excellent, and absolutely no rattles. I love how big the trunk is. Now I actually have room for the stuff I have to carry for work, without filling up the backseat!

Have not been able to assess gas mileage as of yet.

The dealer I bought it from was the same one I bought my Civic from, and they treated me very well both times. They were very patient, as I have always been very thorough when purchasing a vehicle. Usually checking the vehicle over myself for a good hour, and taking it on multiple test drives in many different environments (back roads, around town, and on the highway.) They gave me an excellent trade-in for my Civic, and even threw in a free remote starting system (I saw the regular price, over $600! Obviously I'm thrilled that I got it for free.) It even came with a lifetime powertrain warranty!

Overall, the car feels peppy, comfortable and solid.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2010

22nd Feb 2010, 19:58

Original Reviewer again. Have added another 200 miles or so since my review (See? I told you I drive A LOT.) Anyways, I've driven mostly highway at this point, filled it up once and got approximately 27 MPG. Not too bad, nothing like my Civic that got 45+ MPG, but I didn't expect it to get that anyways.

I also noticed that while it has no trouble moving at highway speeds, once you get above 60 MPH, it has almost no acceleration. Passing can be a bit difficult because of this, however, I usually travel at about 55 MPH, so it's usually me that's being passed anyways, HA HA.

Also had my first problem: Interior overhead light bulb blew (OH NO!! It took the dealer about 3 minutes to replace. Would've done it myself usually, but since it's under warranty, why would I?)

Also noticed that tires needed balancing today, not sure how I didn't notice on the test drive, but the dealer is fixing that for free too. That's just basic maintenance as well.