2006 Honda CR-V Sport 2.2 CDTi turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


An expensive mistake, from a manufacturer I'd expected more of!


Discs pitted and corroded at 2600 miles.

Replacement discs lasted only 6000 miles of careful use before warping, requiring replacement. Warped again at 30,000 - in 20 years of driving I've never warped a disc!

DMF showing signs of catastrophic failure, clutch started slipping at 26,000 of mainly motorway miles at peak torque. Nursed to 33,000 miles before total replacement required. DMF and clutch, including labour without any contribution from Honda 2 weeks after warranty expired (full and comprehensive dealer history) cost a total of £1675.

EGR valve failed, replaced under warranty.

Seat belt mechanism recoil faulty, dealer uninterested.

Interior trim marks easily.

Car pulled to left under acceleration from new, dealer investigated and advised it's a quirk of the model.

Rust spots developing on bonnet and roof above windscreen.

General Comments:

I bought the car as the first newer car I’ve ever owned, and feel utterly let down by a car from a brand normally associated with impeccable reliability. It has cost a small fortune beyond expected wear and tear items, given the care and attention lavished on it!

Honda should acknowledge publicly there is an issue with the clutch and dual mass flywheel of 2.2 CDTI engines (Civic, CRV, Accord etc.), which seem to have a habit of failing immediately after the warranty has expired. I’ve never had an issue with a clutch failing, the car has been used lightly (no towing) and principally for longer distance motorway cruising. I simply could not afford to throw any more money at the car, and sold it at a loss long before I’d planned to part with it.

Other than the mechanical issues with the car, it has performed well, delivering excellent fuel economy and was always enjoyable to drive.

Spacious, light and ergonomically well set out cabin, with plenty of head and legroom save for the passenger seat where the heater blower encroaches into the footwell.

I loved some of the quirky details like the dash mounted handbrake, chiller box, side hinged tail gate and the boot floor that doubles as a picnic table. None of these have made their way into the revised model, and even had I not had the reliability issues I have experienced, the new model has lost any appeal over the outgoing car.

Having changed the car for a similar car in the same class, I hadn’t realised quite how agricultural the Honda was by comparison.

Perhaps I got unlucky, but forums are increasingly suggesting this may not be the case.

An expensive mistake in hindsight.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2009

16th Sep 2013, 09:29

I believe it's pretty much impossible to warp brake discs, and what really happens it that people sit on the brakes after braking heavily, such as coming off the motorway to a give way/roundabout. Because the pads are so hot, bits of them stick to the brake discs, then cool and embed into the disc. This is what causes the "warped disc" feeling.

It is also possible that the discs may not have been machined properly in the first place; a possibility if using cheap 3rd party discs.

Regarding the EGR valve, these need to be cleaned regularly on diesel cars. Perhaps whoever is servicing the car isn't doing it properly.

Couldn't comment on the clutch, may have just been unlucky. I would have expected Honda to have offered more assistance, but it's becoming quite obvious now that Honda UK is letting the Honda Group down.

2006 Honda CR-V LX 2.4L from North America


Not bad but disappointing


Both rear wheel bearings failed.

Even when new there where rattles all over the interior. This was probably due to the engine vibrating very hard when the car is stopped.

General Comments:

The dealer did say the vibration was normal and showed me on some other models. I can't believe there is a car sold that vibrates that much when new. Build quality was OK. I really didn't like driving it because rattles really bother me.

After I found out the the A/C systems in this generation CR-V were going out just out of warranty and it was costing $1500-4000 to fix and it happens on a regular basis, I got rid of it before I became the lucky one. What happens is the compressor is in a place where it doesn't get adequate ventilation and it overheats. The internals disintegrate and sent metal shards down the system. Therefore the entire a/c system has to be replaced.

I bought this car because of Honda's "legendary" reliability because I drive 40k miles a year. I was not impressed. This isn't a bad vehicle but there are so many better choices out there.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2008