12th Dec 2006, 09:23

I too have the same car. It has been superb. It is my first Honda, but not my first SUV. It handles well, has a lot of room (compared to frame type SUV's), and is pretty easy on gas (I'm averaging 24-25 mpg). When I bought it, I couldn't believe all of the technology I was getting for the price (ABS, stability control, traction control with the Real Time 4WD, side airbags and side curtain airbags, drive by wire, etc.). I was truly impressed when I bought it and enjoy it more every day. NICE vehicle!

3rd Feb 2008, 18:45

I have a CR-V and too have had handling issues and problems. After several trips to the dealer they replaced the front axle and CV joint and this seemed to fix the problem. Not something you would expect to go with only 20,000 miles on a vehicle. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone else since it seems every month or so I am at the dealership with some problem.

5th Mar 2008, 16:01

I just bought a used one and what a mistake. I think my issue is with the dealer more so than the actual car. The interior lights blow out, the engine makes a loud grinding sound, it doesn't handle well etc. I'm just very unhappy and can't trade it in for a while or I'll lose a lot of money. Should have kept my Accord, but I love the space I have in the CR-V. I am just afraid one day it will just die on me...

29th Mar 2011, 12:48

This is March of 2011 and I just bought a 2005 CRV AWD, from a "reputable" used car dealership.

To be honest, I truly regret buying this vehicle, like some others have said, the noises and clanks etc when turning and going over bumps are horrendous.

I love the size and the space, but don't feel this is a reliable used vehicle.